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Dodgers and MLB Release Statements on Trevor Bauer News

On Tuesday, TMZ Sports reported that Dodger pitcher Trevor Bauer will not be criminally charged for sexual assault. Bauer was been embroiled in the legal battle over sexual assault allegations since last summer.

Bauer was placed on MLB administrative leave on July 1st, 2021. Bauer has not pitched for the Dodgers since June 28th.

En lieu of the news on Tuesday, MLB released an official statement per Bill Shakin.

The Dodgers also released a statement. AM570’s David Vassegh had the scoop:

Now that the LA County district attorney has decided not to file criminal charges, MLB must decide whether or not to suspend Bauer. The speculation is Bauer is highly, highly likely to appeal the suspension.

BREAKING: Trevor Bauer Will Not Face Criminal Charges! What’s Next For Bauer & Dodgers?

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  1. The DA is dropping all charges, hence he’s innocent. That should be the end of it now. What happened to this country that a person proven innocent is still subject to a witch hunt & punishments?!? Whether you like him or hate him, he was NOT guilty. End of story.

  2. Only a full blown lunatic would post his video and continue to lie…I believe him, he was pretty forthright.

  3. MLB may impose a suspension of their own. Why ? What basis ? Lunacy running rampant in NY office.

  4. Dittos Dan Watkins. Also if OJ or Baretta walked into Dodger Stadium they would be welcomed. They were found innocent. Trevor didn’t kill anybody and apparently is not a drug user. It is time to let him pursue his career and let him be great or fail on the field with his peers!

  5. In other words, MLB and their Keystone Cops can declare that he is GUILTY even if he is innocent of the charges.

  6. Bauer has not been charged. The woman smeared him. Ajjow Bauer to pitch. Sue her for slander.

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