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Dodgers: Justin Turner Offers Player Perspective on MLB Situation

At the moment, there is no end in sight to the ongoing MLB lockout. Many of the MLB players took Twitter last week to voice their frustrations in response to the league failing to submit the counter proposal they had promised the players. Justin Turner gave his two cents in person on Monday at the 6th Annual Justin Turner Foundation Golf Classic.

AM570’s David Vassegh asked Turner for his take on the current circumstances in regards to the CBA negotiations.

Turner’s echoed former teammate Max Scherzer’s sentiment that many owners are intentionally fielded non-competitive teams.

“At the end of the day, we just want competition. We want 30 teams that go out and try to win a championship. Hopefully, we’re making some progress in that department.”

Like Turner, most of the players are frustrated by the fact that many small market team receive revenue sharing compensation from big market teams and don’t reinvest that money into their major league roster.

Turner along with most of the MLBPA, is also weary of cancelling regular season games.

“In 2020, obviously [there was] the pandemic, but playing a 60-game season wasn’t good for anyone. It wasn’t good for the players. It wasn’t good for the owners. So I hope everyone realizes that the best thing for everyone, especially our fans, who are the most important people in all this, is to play a full 162-game season.”

In a previous bargaining session, the owners did indeed communicate to the players that they’re willing to cancel regular season games over key issues.

It’s the last thing the sport of baseball needs, but for Turner and the players, it’s becoming more and more of a possibility.

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  1. I love JT, but his statement, “At the end of the day, we just want competition. We want 30 teams that go out and try to win a championship”. is hard to take seriously when you have players like Corey Seager this year, and Zack Grienke a few years ago, who leave a sure-fire World Series contender for a bottom-feeder over a relatively small amount of money. Players these days will gladly sign with whatever team offers the most money, regardless of the team’s chances to win a championship. If you want “30 teams that go out and try to win a championship”, you’ll have to accept a salary cap, which the players union will NEVER accept.

    1. Though I somewhat side with the players, the owners by and large being too often oligarchs, I agree with the L.S. read BUT……..not all players and owners deserve fanscorn. Look at Chris Taylor; he could’ve gotten bigger money elsewhere.
      Also, I agree with JT about bottom feeder teams, an excellent point.

  2. If Bauer isn’t pitching for the Dodgers ill cancel my season seats and with that and the lockout be done with the game. Hecwas railroaded without fair due process

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