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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Still Set to Pitch on Sunday in Washington DC

The Dodgers and their fan base would love to focus on an important series against the Nationals this weekend in DC. They would also love to be excited about the opportunity to visit the White House over the weekend to celebrate their 2020 World Series win. But a dark cloud has been cast over the entire organization this week. 

A pending assault investigation into Trevor Bauer rocked the Dodgers fanbase this past week. The details of the case are still coming out, and they’re very difficult to read through. Out of concern for our readers, we will not be posting those details here. 

But the expectation was that Bauer would not make his scheduled start for the Dodgers on Sunday. Given the circumstances, it would make sense for the organization to at least skip his turn in the rotation. But as Dave Roberts revealed on Thursday, that’s not the plan

I’m in the position of following the lead of Major League Baseball. Their recommendation for us is that he was our scheduled Sunday starter and to move foward and have him start that game. For me to try and read into anymore outside of what they have advised me and us to do. I just choose to follow their lead. 

Dodgers fans did not react well to the news given that Bauer is currently under investigation. It seems like it would be a simple decision to not have him pitch on Sunday. Regardless, the team sounds like they are choosing to throw him out there. 

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They could still presumably choose to not pitch him on Sunday. Under MLB’s policy, it does not seem like that would be a clear violation. We’ll see what direction they go this weekend. 

Dave Roberts says Trevor Bauer’s status out of Dodgers hands, following the lead of MLB

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  1. I hope this works out Trevor in you favor. Dodger fans hate this bull. If you need help the LA Dodgers are the best in Baseball. to get it.

    1. The “bull” that Dodger fans hate is to have a violent abuser of women on the team. The woman gave a sworn statement to police. The pictures speak for themselves.
      Yes, Trevor needs professional help. It was interesting watching yesterday’s game when the cameras panned the dugout and saw the guys congregating during the game. Trevor was nowhere to be seen.

    2. So, because you are a Dodger fan you should support Bauer even though you read the alligations against him.
      How anal.
      He’s done in LA.

  2. I seriously doubt we will see him pitching on Sunday, or any time soon after. Urias was placed first on administrative leave while his case was investigated, then got a 20 game suspension even though he was not charged. For a push in a parking lot that his GF said it was nothing. This is like 10X more serious at least, with an assault complaint, pictures of grotesque injuries, a restraining order, and lurid text messages. My sense is we won’t see him for a long time or ever again in a Dodger uniform.

  3. Just got the news.Sticky Neck Grip Bauer will be on a seven day administrative leave.I wish this would have been done by the Dodgers once they got enough information on this case and not the MLB.

  4. I firmly believe in the old saying, “Innocent until proven guilty”. If it is proven that he assaulted her then he should be expelled from MLB and his contract with the Dodgers should be voided. If it turns out this woman asked for “rough sex”, then we get into a sticky situation. If he was just doing what she asked then I would tend to think that she is looking for a pay day. I will wait for more details before making a decision as to who is telling the truth. One of them is lying, but which one ?

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