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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s Agent Confirms They Are Choosing Between 2 Teams

The Dodgers appear to still be in on potentially signing Trevor Bauer. With just 2 weeks until players report to Spring Training, there may only be 1 team standing in the way of them having a ridiculous starting rotation. 

The latest report around MLB was that Bauer and the Mets had re-engaged in trade talks as of today. A few sources also noted that while they were engaged, the Dodgers are still in the mix to sign Bauer. 

Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba later tweeted that the market was down to just 2 teams. If any of the reports are accurate, that would mean it is coming down to the Dodgers and the Mets. That seems to be accurate given Luba’s tendency to point out when reports are inaccurate, and Los Angeles has been mentioned often. 

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USA Today’s Bob Nightengale reported today that the Mets had made Bauer an offer that was for $30 million or more annually. Nightengale also mentioned that New York’s offer was in the range of 3-4 years, meaning the offer would be for somewhere around $120 million total. The Dodgers have been rumored to want a short deal with a high annual average. 

If any of that is true, the Mets would seem to be the better option for Bauer. He could also take the short deal in hopes of getting a better market when he becomes available in a few short years, but it’s not often that players don’t go with the guaranteed money. We might be finding out if that rings true here very soon. 

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  1. Congrats to the Mets for landing Trevor Bauer and becoming the teams to beat in the National League. The “Less Than Stellar” Dodger Front Office never pony up the cash but expect players to take the “Dodger Discount” to play in Los Angeles as if the confiscatory taxes are not enough of a penalty.

    1. “The “Less Than Stellar” Dodger Front Office never pony up the cash.”

      You must have not been paying attention when they signed Mookie Betts. Or that since this ownership team has been in place, they have had the highest payroll in all of baseball, and been in first every single year, and in the world series 3 out of the last 4 years. Maybe you think the Dodgers are the Angels. I guess some people will never have an ounce of appreciation if they don’t sign every single guy available at any price, even the ones they don’t need.

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