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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s Contract Demands Likely Put Him Out of Reach

Dodgers fans are currently dying for their team to make a move after the Padres went on a spending spree. San Diego landed two huge names on the pitching market as well as the top international free-agent literally all within a matter of days.

One move that some Dodgers fans have been hoping to see is signing Trevor Bauer. The reigning Cy Young award winner is on the market and is expected to command a decent sized contract. The fact that Bauer has been hesitant to accept a long-term deal made fans in Los Angeles hopeful that the two sides could align on a short deal with a high annual average. 

Unfortunately for fans that were hoping for Bauer, that doesn’t sound like it’s possible. The latest report coming from Jon Heyman suggests that Bauer is looking for a deal potentially in the 5-6 year range. Bauer is also reportedly looking for an annual average north of $36 million, which would top the current record set by Gerrit Cole. 

If this is truly the length that Bauer is looking for, the Dodgers would likely back out of the bidding on Bauer. Andrew Friedman and the front office typically prefer to make moves that give them flexibility, and this would not be that, not by a long shot. But to be fair, Bauer later refuted this report from Heyman, saying that this was all new information to him. 

Dodgers Starting Rotation

It looks like the Dodgers are heading into the 2021 season rolling with the guys that they have. If that’s truly the case, David Price being a contributor this season is going to be huge. Los Angeles will head into Spring Training with 3 of the 5 spots in the rotation locked down, with at least 5 very good arms competing for the remaining 2 spots. 

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  1. Another starter is a luxury the Dodgers don’t need to spend for right now. They need to get a couple of right handed bats and a real closer.

    1. i think liam hendriks helps their bullpen alot.The padres did great with securing a great rotation but who are they passing off to close to in the 9th? yates isn’t coming back so the padres bullpen is weaker.The dodgers rotation has proven they know how to win the padres haven’t shown they can win the big one yet.I will take Buehler and Kershaw and Urias over anyone the padres have.if David Price can have a great yr they got a top 3 rotation going into the playoffs.

      1. I should have said price would give them 4 top great arms going into the playoffs instead of 3 assuming price is on his game other wise kershaw/urias/buehler thats a great trio for the playoffs.Hendriks makes me feel better in the 9th then KJ.

  2. Bauer has not Long enough at the elite level to command that kind of money….Dodgers will pass, fans who think otherwise, are not watching our Dodger operate….

  3. I can’t imagine Urías and May out of rotation. And Gonsolin deserves more starts. And there is Price. I don’t think we need another starter. It’s always good to improve, but I don’t think it makes sense now.

  4. Typical Friedman. You would think Dodgers fans forcast where this is going. The guy acts like he’s paying out of his personal check book. Same old same old. He also could invest in a Black player or two. Seeing as though this is the team who cared about fairness in the major leagues. The Irony of group exclusions Black players are part of major league history in America period. Dodgers need to let him walk.

    1. A rather ignorant comment considering 3 of top 5 salaries on the Dodgers are for black players – Mookie, Kenley, and David Price. Only Kershaw earns more. Furthermore, the Dodgers, with Friedman, are considered by their peers to be the best run operation in baseball. An operation that many clubs are trying to emulate. I see there are still a few of you out there that refuse to acknowledge facts – right in front of you – that don’t support your narrow – and misplaced bias – view.

  5. We don’t need Trevor Bauer we have enough starting pitcher to start 2021 season But it would be nice to get another right hander starting pitcher for sure how about Masahiro Tanaka he would be a better fit for this team Also hopefully Andrew Friedman can get D.J. LeMahieu if so we would be set for a Repeat in 2021.
    “Congratulations to The 2020 World Series Champions LA Dodgers”

  6. We definitely need RH bats more than we need starting pitching (top notch reliever would be nice though). But we don’t need Arenado (way over priced) or Bryant (4 homers and 11 RBI’s and healthy for only 36 games last year). There is room for both Turner and LeMahieu. What’s wrong with being a little over the luxury tax level? And both are good team players and don’t cost prospects. Just do it and continue with the division titles and hopefully more.

    1. JMossbarger, I have stressed that need for a RHB besides bringing JT back as well. Freidman and Co. Know full well that hitting against LHP has been often a challenge at times for a few years now

      1. The only 2 scenarios I can see for a RHB to be more than a spot starts and PH, is to move a gold glove level CF to 1B, move Max to 2B (where I would argue that weakens the def), and put the new bat in CF. Doesn’t matter who that RHB in CF is, it makes the def weaker. Or, just find a RHB to play 2B (D.J.?), canning the Lux experiment.

        Help me if I’m missing something.

  7. if you get Hendriks for the bullpen you leave Urias in the rotation.I would love to see him in a full season.The dodgers depth of talent makes me feel better about letting kj go.The padres have a weaker bullpen without yates and pomeranz doesn’t scare you or rosenthal for that matter.lemahieu would be a brilliant move especially if Kikki Hernandez leaves.I trust the dodgers brass to make this team stronger when they need to in order to win it again.Bauer and N.Arenado are moves you make because you are overly impressed with the padres.A.Friedman doesn’t make moves based on what other teams do he makes the team better long term as any great GM should do.

  8. Dodger fans kniw we are set with 4 aces in the rotation plus we still have Gonsolin and price who can battle for fifth spot or use a sixth man rotation. Dodgers are still favorites to win it all again even without signing anybody. I see Both Kershaw and Julio winning 20 games,Buhler at least 17 cause he needs 2 months to warm up May 16 or 17 wins Gonsolin if given the over washed up price can also win 16 or 17 games,Muncy 45 hrs 100+ rbis,Luxconbined with Taylor at second 30+ hrs 90 rbis,Seager 320+ average 35 + hrs 120+ rbis,Rios 40+ hrs 90 + rbis.Pollock if healthy 30+ hrs 90+ rbis,Bellinger 300+ average 40+ hrs 115 + rbis Mookie 300+ average 40 hrs 100 rbis,Smith combined with Barnes catching 30+ hrs 80 rbis.No team can comes close to these guys.

  9. Liam Hendriks for the bullpen, Realmuto behind the plate, LeMahieu at 3b. Bauer is a luxury for a strong rotation. The Padres are serious. The Dodgers need to make some moves. I love Turner but his age and injury history are problems.

  10. Contract needs/demands of both Bauer and LeMahieu do not fit the Dodger’s. It’s not impossible but not likely, both will sign elsewhere. DJ to Yanks, Angels should grab Bauer they really need him.

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