Dodgers Video: Yasiel Puig Guides Fans Through Tour Of Home

Yasiel Puig

Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Yasiel Puig is relatively open about his life off the field.
Whether it’s joking around in the clubhouse or in videos he posts of himself and his friends playing video games, Puig isn’t shy about providing fans with some insight to the life of a Major Leaguer.

In a video posted on YouTube by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Puig was the first athlete featured in their Home Field Advantage video series this year, which depicts professional baseball players in their homes.

Puig discusses the importance of friends and family when describing his new home, saying it was necessary he purchase a home to accommodate having plenty of friends and family over to visit. He added that he bought a proeprty with a big backyard so his dog, a growing German Shepherd, could have room to run around — a luxury Puig said he didn’t have at his apartment.

Puig also mentioned the benefit of living close to Dodger Stadium, which he took into consideration during his search for a new home. Then, in typical Puig fashion, he is shown flying a remote control helicopter with boyish curiosity.

As for life in Los Angeles, the Cuban native said fans often thend stare at him in awe, like he’s “a martian.” Puig said he loves interacting with fans in the city, and loves the city itself, adding that he enjoys walking around places such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame like a tourist.


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