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Dodgers: Vin Scully Doesn’t Think the Shortened Season Should Come With an Asterisk

The Dodgers’ Vin Scully has been away for the game for 4 years now, but that hasn’t kept him from watching baseball. USA Today’s Bob Nightengale recently caught up with Vin on what he’s been up to. 

When asked about the length of the season, Vin didn’t feel that it should change how a championship is viewed in the history books. Dodgers fans with World Series hopes will certainly appreciate his opinion. 

I would take it, no matter how many games are played. I would be thrilled. If you play 60 games, and a bunch of playoffs games, and win the World Series, I would not expect anyone to say, ‘Oh, but you only played 80 games?’ You take the schedule for what it is. You win, you win. I know in this city, I couldn’t think anybody would reject it as a counterfeit World Series. There’s too much work. Too much travel. It’s a tough job. Besides, I could use another ring.

Scully was also asked about the other strange things in the 2020 season. In regard to the crowd noise pumped in by the Dodgers and other teams, Vin thinks they’re doing a pretty good job of replicating the real thing. 

But I think they’ve done wonderful things with the sound at baseball games. I was watching a game at Wrigley Field, somebody hit a home run into the left-field bleachers, and you could swear they had a crowd out there. It was wonderful. It’s really amazing how they do it with the American ingenuity.

Scully, now 92-years-old, has recently decided to auction off some items from his historic career. Some of the profits from the auction will go towards UCLA Health for neuromuscular research. Vin retired from his Dodgers broadcasting career following the completion of the 2016 season. 

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  1. Ok I was all set to listen but then the female social justice warrior got on and began preaching to me. Listen we all are against cops killing young Black men just as we are of criminal rioters killing, looting, and burning cities to the ground but sports use to be a safe haven from all the nonsense going on in the world but not now thanks to those who think we all must participate in their causes. You don’t stop this nonsense I will stop watching my Dodgers which I’ve been a fan when they came to LA in 1958. BTW Dodger organization BTM is an anti-family anti-American terror organization research and google them up and I will have nothing to do with them.

  2. It’s really the crowd for me. It adds so much and effects outcomes more than people realize. But as someone mentioned if 2017 counts then this should count, at least it would have been earned. Vin approving of it also helps the case as he’s watched a full lifetime of baseball

  3. Thank you Mr. Vin Scully. I have watched baseball with Heavans eyes. For a moment in time I saw Gods grace and had upon our great game.God bless you and all that you love. One Dodger to another! David .C

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