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Dodgers: Vin Scully Hospitalized After a Fall, But Resting Comfortably

Dodgers fans had a little bit of a scare to wake up to on Thursday morning with news about their all-time favorite broadcaster. Vin Scully fell down in his home and had to be hospitalized, but it sounds like he is okay.

Vin is now 92 years old and has already been retired since 2016. He called 67 seasons with the Los Angeles Dodgers and has made several appearances for the team over the last couple of seasons. Vin has served as a source of inspiration during this quarantine as well, issuing several statements via video encouraging fans to be safe and to be healthy.

Vin has also appeared at huge Dodgers events over the last couple of years, even throwing out the first pitch at game two of the 2017 World Series. Well, technically he called in Fernando Valenzuela to throw it out for him. 

The Dodgers have not issued a further update other than that Vin is resting comfortably. 

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