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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Frustrated to Waste Season of Mookie and Price

Dodgers fans understand that there is more at stake this season than just losing out on baseball games. Los Angeles faces the unfortunate scenario of possibly the largest financial loss paired with the biggest waste of talent. 

The Dodgers acquired Mookie Betts and David Price with every intention of bringing a World Series back to Los Angeles. Now, with the fate of the 2020 season in the balance, there is a chance the team will lose out on Mookie Betts entirely. Clayton Kershaw knows how important this year was going to be, as he talked about it with the Los Angeles Times’ Arash Markazi

That’s the most frustrating thing. We brought in Mookie and David and traded some really good talent to get them, so to not have a season would be hard.

Lost in this idea of completely losing out on Mookie Betts is that you also lose a year of David Price. When the Dodgers’ made the trade for the pair back in February, Price was expected to pitch three seasons with the team, likely carrying him into retirement. If the season is called off, that leaves just two years with an older David Price. 

If there is anyone on the team desperate for a World Series, it’s Clayton Kershaw. Entering what was supposed to be his 13th season in the big leagues, Kershaw has come within one game of achieving his ultimate goal to watch it be stolen away by a cheating Astros squad. He understands that this year was supposed to be different. 

The Dodgers have been built to win a World Series every year that I’ve been here, but to not get that chance this year with the talent that we have would be frustrating. So I’m hopeful we can get something started because we had a lot of optimism.

For the sake of the Dodgers, Los Angeles, fans, Mookie Betts, David Price, and Clayton Kershaw, let’s hope the league finds a way to make games happen.

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