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Dodgers vs Diamondbacks Delayed for Craziest Possible Reason on Tuesday

The start of Tuesday’s Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks game has been delayed. It’s not a rain delay, which the Dodgers have had plenty of this season. It’s a bee delay.

Yes, first pitch of the Dodgers’ Tuesday night game in Arizona has been delayed due to a swarm of bees on the screen behind home plate.

Here’s a video of the swarm of bees:

The Dodgers have had their fair share of delays this season, but this one definitely takes the cake for weirdest one. Not only is it crazy that a swarm of bees is delaying a Major League Baseball game, but the Diamondbacks play in an indoor stadium. The roof does open, but you’d think they would be able to keep a swarm of bees out to the best of their abilities.

There’s no word yet on when first pitch will be, but for now, the Dodgers and Diamondbacks get to add “bee delay” to their bucket list of things they’ve experienced in MLB.

For what it’s worth, current Dodgers shortstop Miguel Rojas actually has experienced a bee delay before. In June 2019, Rojas was with the Miami Marlins when their game against the San Diego Padres was delayed for 28 minutes due to bees.

Rojas is in the lineup and playing second base on Tuesday night. He’ll have to give his teammates some tips on how to deal with a bee delay.

Noah Camras

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