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Dodgers: Walker Buehler is Beyond Hyped to be Teammates With Price, Betts

Well – Dodgers Nation – how was it? Of course you know I am talking about the day after the night that was monumental in the Dodgers near-term future. The Dodgers acquired Mookie Betts and David Price from the Boston Red Sox, and everyone is excited about it.

Notably at the front of that line is starting pitcher Walker Buehler. Following the trade, he had a tweet that showed how ecstatic he was to get two new teammates. Now, Buehler joins MLB Network Radio to talk about the whole ordeal.

First, Buehler does mention that it’s sad to say goodbye to a few teammates he loves. Still, he realizes the magnitude of this deal for his team.

“Obviously moving Joc and now Stripling dampens it. But we are obviously all really excited. To add two players of their caliber [Betts and Price] is a pretty big deal for us.”

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When asked about adding Price in particular, he pays a huge compliment to the former Vanderbilt product as well as Clayton Kershaw. Then, Buehler gives recognition to how important pitching has been to Dodgers history.

“Those are two of the best left-handed pitchers in the past 10 to 20 years of baseball. It’s going to be a good time for sure. Pitching has always been a big thing in Los Angeles, and this isn’t going to change that. At the end of the day it’s about winning championships. Our front office has put us in the best position to perform, and we are excited about it.”

It sounds like Buehler speaks for the sum of the roster when he talks about winning a championship now. Finally the Dodgers have the true ammo to do this, and they are the big bad Dodgers once again. Buehler, Betts, Price, and the whole gang will be a part of chasing that dream soon enough.

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  1. they will only go as far are the pitching takes them, as usual.

    This rotation is generally weak in-season. No dominant guy to not only set the tone but also slump breaker to stop 3-game skids. Good rotations must have at least two better yet three.

    I’m not fan of Price. Still let’s see the guy over a season. A fresh start can rejuvenate a player. Even more so if he was underwhelmed with the last city he played in.

    I think fans do really get what great staffs look like anymore. It’s just evolution of the game.

    I actually sense Kershaw might be just that bit better this year. Knowing he likely got hosed in ’17 along with the rest of the staff has to add more that a bit to erase the self doubts which resulted from that WS.

    I look forward to the “kids” rounding into MLB form in the rotation. New guys in pen need to be sharp from day one, Jansen is hopefully better adapted & recovered from his heart issue. I sure don’t want to see the guy die just trying to get less boos & more applause. Overall pen is mix of uncertainty.

    I’m just not satisfied the rotation is close to top tier needed in postseason play.

    I’m equally confused how Betts could possibly help hitting lead-off for this line-up. But gotta use him where he helps the most. I want to see him in that, not in order here, Muncy-Betts-Bellinger-Turner grouping. The whole lineup, top to bottom, will be great. My confidence in Roberts is at best hopeful. He knows more baseball than 99% of us fans but he seems reluctant to trust instinct plus the numbers. Seems to just follow numbers.

    Still no matter what, it’s going to be a very long season if the lineup doesn’t cut way down on K’s and hits smarter.

  2. Buehler is a stud! Price has shown he’s a big game pitcher! Betts is finally a legitimate lead off 300 guy!!! I’m stoked as well!!

  3. I know all teams cheat in some way, but I’m not too excited about getting two players from the Red Sox.

  4. Don’t expect Mookie to have same numbers like he did 2 years ago when they cheated and he got the mvp which I think didn’t deserved.

  5. The Red Sox supposedly cheated last year not 2 years ago when Betts won the MVP. The key is their Manager Cora was the link. Price moving to the NL and being the #3 guy on the staff is a step up from Maeda should help some and he has a successful postseason resume, and I do agree we should see a better Kersahw this year, but Buehler (THE #1 Guy now) taking the next step and May or Urias stepping up to Beuhler status from last year is the key. We are going to score a ton of runs during the regular season, but I will believe it when I see it in the postseason. Having a set lineup everywhere except LF should help. I like the versatility of the bench to give guys days off, but the platooning should be done now!!!

    1. Cheating was in 2017 and 2018. MLB cracked down in 2019 and haven’t found any team guilty this past year. Each team had MLB monitoring their clubhouses before and during games. Much harder to cheat. There has been at least 11 teams known as cheating those years. MLB doesn’t want to investigate everyone accused. Too much of a black eye.

  6. It’s good to see Buehler all in on this. It’s even better to see some hunger. These guys have to own this chase for a title. They need this attitude that they won’t be denied. Some people think Buehler is cocky. Well, he is. And it will result in Cy Young’s. Maybe the first will be this year. Some people think Price has an attitude. Well, he does. He’s a competitor. The Dodgers need some cockiness and some edginess to go along with the fun.

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