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Dodgers: Walker Buehler Storms Out of Interview When Asked About His Tight Pants

The Dodgers players and coaches had a pretty rough night on Monday. Not only did they lose Game 1 of the National League Championship Series, but they had something of an outburst in the postgame press conference. 

The question that got to Walker Buehler came because of the pants that he was wearing on the mound. Fans on social media had made reference to Buehler’s apparently very tight pants all game long. When asked about the pants by a Dodgers reporter, Buehler said it was not the right time or place, and proceeded to leave the interview session early. 

As you can imagine, asking Buehler about his pants following a loss in a very important game does not go over well. Buehler did not return for questions and the video clip has already made its way around the internet. The Dodgers fell to the Braves 5-1 after a late bullpen meltdown. It also didn’t help that the bats never showed up.

Next Up

First pitch for NLCS game 2 is scheduled for 3:05 PM PT on FS1. Clayton Kershaw gets the ball for LA and faces Atlanta right-hander Ian Anderson.

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  1. Walker should have just answered next question letting idiots know he’s not answering stupid questions.

  2. Late inning meltdown, bats not showing except to strike out 11 times or so, pitchers serving up the long ball that removes any chance for coming back to win the game. Only 1 question: sound familiar for October?

    1. Um, not really. Seeing as how they won 5 straight games. You can’t cherry pick when they have a bad game. It’s low hanging fruit. So have an actual take or zip it. It was 1 game and Fried has been excellent this year. The bats will pick up and our depth will separate us from the Braves.

      1. Agree Nathan. We have a great team and cannot let 1 game against a Cy Young candidate get us. We now have Clayton going who is also a Cy Young candidate. And Atlanta has trouble with lefties. So—brush the dust off and get ready for game 2.

        1. CK is not pitching tonight and the Dodgers must do better offensively than 1 run on 4 hits to have a chance. If Braves have trouble with lefties, then maybe Roberts should have Uris start one of these games.

      2. An actual take? Ok, it’s one game. But what we saw last night was quite similar for the past previous 7 post seasons before this year. The late inning BP was again exposed last night and try and recall what took place in the 2019 NLDS against the Nats. Besidesseeing how Roberts managed the pitching in last year’s post season, Dodger hitters struck out 64 times in those 5 games.we are free to comment on what we witness in these October games so try not to go with that ‘zip it’ request. Let’s then see how this team responds to last night’s loss.

  3. Clayton is scratched. Same story. Can’t hit lefties and do not have a lights out closer.. Disaster waiting to happen.

    1. Pretty much sums it up now. But let’s see how these next few games play out. I am not too surprised to see Braves hit 3 out last night, as Dodger pitching has been known to serve up game winning October home runs.

  4. This is how we should always handle the media, in fact no one should talk to them period after a loss. It’s all nonsense and no one wants to hear Roberts spins

  5. Treinen should join Jensen on the sidelines. Roberts should join both of them on the ranks of the unemployed should the Dodgers fail to advance, a distinct possibility.
    The problem with Buehler, blisters aside, is that he is just not mature enough for the tight spots/tight pants that can pop up during the playoffs, on or off the field. I must admit that he looked kind of weird but had he/Dodgers won the game, it would have been a trivial aside.

  6. Sure, Walker Buehler’s pants were tight. Blake Treinen’s and Kike Hernandez’s were too. I’m a loose fitting clothing guy myself, but what bothered me was that the Dodger hitters looked even tighter than any of the players’ pants.

  7. People making such a big deal about his pants obviously didn’t grow up watching baseball before 1995.

  8. Buehler takes his job more seriously than 90% of ALL media. Sometimes sports is a microcosm for the problems in society. This question kinda sums it up. The reporter felt that something trending on twitter is important…its not. Have a question that’s relevant and report FACTS. Pretty simple ass hat

  9. Hey, Kevin Meany said it all: “Wearin’ those tight pants. That’s not right. We’re big pants people. Now go upstairs and take those tight pants off and put your big pants on. The Lobermans are coming over.”

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