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Dodgers NLCS News: Dustin May Still Likely to Get a Start This Series, Per Roberts

In Monday’s 5-1 loss, the Dodgers turned to rookie right-hander Dustin May hoping he could pick up two crucial mid-game innings as the club looked to bridge to the back end of the bullpen. He was able to secure only 5 outs before giving way to rookie lefty Victor Gonzalez who escaped the bases loaded jam he inherited.

While all that sets the stage, the topic of May’s usage and, as it was put, resiliency was brought up to Dave Roberts after the game. Moreover, the thought or expectation has been that May was potentially lined up to start game 3 or 4 for the Dodgers in this series. Now, after appearing on Monday, the wonder was if he could still give a starter’s workload in this series, perhaps as soon as game 5.

Yeah, that’s certainly a possibility. I think Dustin did a great job for us, but to have him make a start, to look out, certainly a good possibility. … I think that, in talking to Dustin, just the way he’s bounced back and the ample rest. And also when he does pitch a bulk game, you don’t extend him too much. I think that we’re all aligned in that.

Notably, he’s done this before. Sort of.

May appeared in relief in game 1 of the NLDS and came back to start two days later, albeit truly in an opener’s role. Altogether, the redhead has thrown a total of 64 pitches since the end of the regular season two weeks ago. It’s safe to say that he’s fresh. Adding in his age, only 22, Dustin should be good to give the Dodgers and Dave Roberts what they need on the mound whenever they call on him.

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