Dodgers: Watch Mookie Betts Sink 3-Pointers As Part of His Offseason Workout

The Dodgers knew exactly what they were getting with Mookie Betts. They knew that he was a leader on and off of the field and that his athletic talent was beyond measure. But I think even they didn’t know just how much of a pure athlete that the 28-year-old right fielder truly is. 

We all know that Mookie is one of the best bowlers that you will ever see, which is wild to even think about. But the Dodgers star is also quite the basketball player, and he got to show that off this week. In an Instagram post on Monday, Betts posted a video of him draining 3-point shots as part of his offseason workout. 

Not many know that Betts was also a standout basketball star in high school at John Overton High in Nashville. That wouldn’t really surprise any Dodgers fans though, as he showed his unique athleticism all season long in Los Angeles. 

More Mookie Greatness

MLB added even more love for Mookie and his ridiculous athleticism. 

Betts put on a highlight reel in his first year with the Dodgers that truly showcased all of his talents. He hit massive home runs, made amazing leaping grabs, and flew around the basepaths causing havoc for other teams. He truly is a once in a lifetime talent, and we’re lucky to have him in a Dodger uniform. 

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