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Dodgers: What Was Corey Seager Doing the Night Before World Series Game 6?

If it was the night before one of the biggest days of your life, how would you be spending it? Probably not up late playing video games, right? Well, if you want to be a World Series champion and get a free Chevy Tahoe for your soon-to-be lawfully wedded significant other, apparently that’s a good route to go.

Just ask Dodgers shortstop Corey Seager.

In a recent chat with former teammate Ross Stripling, it was revealed that Corey was maybe up a little too late playing, you guessed it, Call of Duty. Chicken Strip outed Seags on his Big Swing Podcast.

Before game 6, Seager hoped on Call of Duty, some Warzone with me and two of my other buddies. And we’re just kind of grinding, not doing very good, and we’re like, ‘alright, we gotta play one more’ and it’s getting late — I won’t say how late it was — and we end up winning the game. And Seager’s like, alright, I’m going to bed,’ and I’m like, ‘good luck in game 6 tomorrow, bro!’

Fast forward 15 hours and Seager’s accepting a World Series MVP trophy.

Seager ended up knocking in the game-winning run on a fielder’s choice to Rays first baseman Ji-Man Choi. The Dodgers beat Tampa Bay by a final of 3-1 and while he wasn’t on the team anymore, Ross Stripling did his part to help the boys win that final game.

Was that Warzone win the good luck charm Corey and the Dodgers needed? The world may never know, but we can’t say it didn’t help!

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