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Dodgers: Who Should LA Bring Back Between Joc Pederson and Enrique Hernandez?

With the offseason officially beginning, a few of the Dodgers’ players enter into free agency. Unfortunately, some of these players will not be returning next year. Among LA’s 7 key free agents are outfielder Joc Pederson and super-utility man Enrique Hernandez.

Last week on Twitter asked fans, if it came down to picking one of these long-time Dodgers to come back, would it be Kiké or Joc?” Apparently, this was a difficult question for fans.

Joc had some clutch at-bats this postseason, further cementing the moniker Joctober.

With his versatility and the energy he brings to the field/dugout, it seems as though Kiké was ultimately the choice for fans.

Kiké being Kiké always plays up for fans of the boys in blue.

On Dodgers Nation’s official Facebook page, fans remained mostly split on these two recent LA icons.

Thomas M.

I’d like to see them both back. Kiké is a valuable utility player and Joc is someone who has shown that he shines in the postseason! And that’s what we need to win in the postseason…players who step up then!

Mardi P.

Joc is great for playoffs… he is great at working the count … we have too many right handed hitters already.

Irma I.

They come as a pair, we need them both for their versatility. We need Joc’s clutch hitting and Kiké’s defense as well as personality and attitude.

Frances G. 

Love em both, but the dugout needs Kiké’ and his fabulous personality most. Kiké’ and Joc have both had their clutch moments, I want to keep them both.

Jeff C.

I think this would hurt one or the other why would you ask this.

Jeff C. is likely the most common feeling amongst fans.

There’s no doubt that both players would have a starting position on any other team and fans have expressed how much they want that for these gifted individuals while at the same time knowing how much they would be missed in Dodger blue. We may not know where the players will end up but, in the hearts of fans, both Joc and Kiké will forever be Dodgers.

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  1. It would be great to have them both back if the team is not broken why fix it?
    This 2020 World Series Champions LA Dodgers team was Awesome and very special. But I get it we have a lot of young talent in the farm system and we need to let some the players go to bring in the young new talent. My choice between Kiké Hernández (14) or Joc “Pop” Pederson (31) to stay would be Kiké Hernández because of his great defense ability to play outfield and infield as a utility player it’s a acid a team just can have enough of especially if any injuries that may occur within the team.
    This team will do a repeat 2021. “Let’s Go LA Dodgers!!!

  2. The billionaires shouldn’t be cheap and sign both I think I’m actually going to miss them

  3. Both were great teammates and productive Dodgers. But why would they come back when other teams will offer them the chance to start? I hope they do as well with their future teams as Maeda and Ryu did. They deserve it. And they will always be part of a World Series Champion Dodgers squad.

  4. They are both very good players and we all wish them well. But with the young talent ready to play McKinstry, Beaty, Rios, Peters, Raley, and others why spend the money?
    The Dodgers in the next few years must re-sign Seager, Buehler, and Urias.
    There is a Luxury Tax in baseball and it is not only monetary but impacts draft picks.
    Kershaw and Jansen have contracts ending in 2021 and Price in 2022. We can guess the Dodgers will re-sign Kershaw but probably to a lesser contract.
    Hernandez and Pederson should go to teams that will allow them to play full-time with the Dodgers they will not get that opportunity. We will cheer for them their entire career and they will always be World Champions.

  5. Sign or trade for a player that makes a big difference. Andrew Friedman will do a .great job as usual.

  6. Not sure how you trade free agents, but truth is both players can make more money going elsewhere. They can be full time players for another team, so my answer is neither. It’s time to let some of the younger players step up.

  7. Both are great teammates and good players, but the Dodgers are too loaded for them to get the opportunities they deserve and reach their full potential, both playing time and salaries. They will be missed, but neither is essential for the team’s success. Money saved on these two can buy Lemahieu, who would make them unstoppable, and free Lux as trade bait for a drop dead closer like Hader.

    HE CAN PLAY ANY POSITION, AND PLAY IT EXTREMELY WELL, he even pitched that one time!!! He is ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile and always keeping morale up!!

  9. Mardi P. said “we(the Dodgers) have too many right-handed bats.” I guess Mardi P. didn’t see the job that Rays pitcher Blake Snell(Game 6) of shutting-down the Dodgers bats. The only reason the Dodgers got off the mat was Rays manager Cash had a brain-cramp and Removed Snell. The Dodgers were going to lose that game and would have come down to a Game 7!

  10. This is tough, they have both contributed to the success of the team and are also contributors when they are not in the lineup. That being said, they deserve to have a shot at being an everyday player and I don’t see them getting that opportunity with the Dodgers. I would imagine that they are struggling with this decision as well. As a true Dodger fan, I think that the Dodgers and the fans should respect the players wishes in this case and negotiate accordingly.

  11. Like many of you I hate to see any body leave but Ieave, but if I have to choose, I would choose Kiké for these reasons:

    One he is more versatile that JP. He could potentially play every position. And might even be able to pitch in a blowout. He would be this era’s Derrel Thomas if required although he may not be the emergency catcher that Thomas, who caught for the Dodgers 16 times, was. In this case athletic ability counts.

    Two, Kiké strikes out less than Joc. Joc averages 28.2% while Kiké Strike out percentage is 20.8% of all at bats. While it is not a huge difference, it is still an 8 point difference.

    Three, while Pederson has more career home runs at 130, for an average of 16.56 on his career of 2153 AB’s with a season high of 33, Hernandez has still popped 71 in 1791 AB or 10.14 average with a season high of 21. That is still great power for a part-time utility player.

    I don’t think the Dodgers will bring back either. They have two many up and comers as has been suggested here already. If they go through free agency with out any offers, then the Dodgers might consider a minor league contract but that still does not solve the logjam of infielders and outfielders who are in waiting to play.

    Sorry Joc; Sorry Kiké. But you chose free agency for a reason. Probably time to see what you are worth. No matter, you will always be a Dodger Champion and no one can take that away. Good luck in whatever happens.

  12. I’d like to order both. And I’d like to supersize that order with Turner and Treinen. And I’d like a side order of Baez. And hold the Wood please.

  13. Joc’s inability to hit lefthanders limits him to a platoon role, but he has come through in clutch situations and he has more natural power than anyone else on the team. Kike not only plays every position but he is also a clutch hitter. I don’t think either will command an outrageous price, so sign them both.

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