Dodgers: Who’s Going to Win NL MVP? Mookie Betts vs. Freddie Freeman!

Dodgers’ star Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman of the Braves, and Padres third baseman Manny Machado were named finalists for the MVP award in the National League for the 2020 season. The winner will be revealed this Thursday, but the real question is who deserves it most?

We break down each candidate’s outstanding season and predict who will ultimately take home the hardware. Plus, how Mookie Betts was the difference for the Dodgers in winning their first World Series title in 32 years.


What are your thoughts? Does Mookie take home his second MVP award or do the writers go with Freddie and the incredible season he put up? Could the darkhorse candidate Manny Machado sneak up and take it? Let me know in the comments below!


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Doug McKain

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  1. Well I was wrong in thinking Cody would win the Gold Glove. He didn’t play in enough games in center or he probably would have. But with the MVP I once again go with the Dodger. Freeman had an outstanding season. No shame or sense of it if he beats out Mookie. But I think Mookie had the sort of impact that Kirk Gibson had in 88. He just pulled the whole team up. Top defender in MLB in the outfield. Great hitter, top 4 or 5 in most categories. Top WAR rating in the NL. But his presence in the dugout, around the batting cage, etc.? No one in baseball beats him. And on top of all that. He has that contagious smile. That positive outlook. That willingness to share. Need I say more? He is THE man.

  2. The MVP always goes to the numbers guy. Freeman’s 340 BA is hard to ignore. He has been at the top of the game for a long time. He leads an Atlanta team that pushed the Dodgers to three consecutive elimination games to get to the WS. I think he deserves the MVP. Mookie is a true leader in every sense. He excels in every aspect aspect of the game. He’s a winner, and the Dodgers would not have won it all without him. He raises the level of everyone around him. I would rather have him on my team than anyone else, including Mike Trout. The non-numerical intangibles are all in Mookie’s favor. But the numbers game favors Freeman. Give it to Freeman, and just be happy that Betts contributions are immeasurable.

  3. They will give it to Freeman because of his offensive numbers,but defense wins games and mookie is the best outfielder in mlb. And world series champion!

  4. Without a doubt he is the mvp did we just win the title yes did we win before he came no,he put us over the top that is what a mvp does who was most valued of the 3 uhhhh the one that led his team to a championship not even close mooookieee!

  5. Dodgers had the best record in the majors by far. After Don Mattingly won manager of the year for having a barely over .500 why should any Dodger win anything? A s long as it’s not that jerk Manny Machado it’s ok if it’s Freeman as far as I’m concerned.

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