Dodgers: Why Alex Wood Shouldn’t Be On the Playoff Roster

There are always tough decisions to make when constructing an MLB roster, particularly for the postseason. However, leaving pitcher Alex Wood off the list shouldn’t be one of them for the Dodgers.

Wood just wrapped up an injury riddled 2020 where he finished with the worst ERA (6.39) and WHIP (1.82) of his career. But let’s be fair, it was only 12.2 IP. To be judicious, we’ll expunge 2020 from his record and say Wood owns a 4.08 ERA over his last 187.1 IP (2018-2019).

For a team with championship aspirations, that level of inconsistency just won’t cut it.

Especially when the margin for error is thinner than ever in a best-of-three Wild Card Series against the Milwaukee Brewers. And when the Dodgers have a cadre of impactful, young arms to deploy: Gonzalez, May, Urias, Gonsolin, and Graterol. And when they’re most likely going to gamble on Joe Kelly and, of course, Pedro Baez.

Parlaying Wood with Kelly and Baez, and expecting them all to perform, is a losing proposition with long odds.

Pedro Baez might be the only reliever less deserving of a spot on the 2020 playoff roster than Alex Wood. They both have something in common – the front office believes that they’ll magically return to peak form if the Dodgers just wait long enough.

The 2017 World Series hero version of Alex Wood is not coming back. Yes, he deserves every bit of credit for manically switching signs to thwart the Houston Asterisks. That was then, this is now.

And the now is a complicated, frenetic delivery that hasn’t yielded positive results in three years. Too many walks and too many hits. Adding Alex Wood to the playoff roster would be the biggest oversight since Seager forgot to cover third in the 2015 NLDS.

Who Takes His Place?

At the time of publishing this article, the Dodgers have yet to announce their playoff roster for the Wild Card round. However, one bit of news could potentially lead to some speculation on who may need an active roster spot before 7 PM PT.

Moreover, Dave Roberts had mentioned the likelihood of the club carrying fewer pitchers in the postseason. All in all, it may be an unfortunately wasted season for Alex Wood.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. I agree with you about Wood and disagree about Baez. Baez in his last couple of appearances has had all 3 of his pitches working, when that happens he is almost unhittable. Baez developed his change in the last few years and when he can spot it it is a great swing and miss pitch as hitter must respect the fastball.
    Baez has also pitched in Playoff and WS games and that experience is incredibly valuable.
    They are planning to put Gore on the roster which is probably smart as in a 3 or 5 game series the best team does not always win. It is all about momentum, luck, and injuries.
    In a 3 game series, a team does not need that many pitchers.

  2. Tmaxster, I am guessing that Wood won’t be added to roster for this series because honestly he does not and has not earned it. But you do know that Roberts is part of decision making so there’s that to be concerned with.

    1. Azul, I must agree with you and Tmaxster for one simple reason : you are correct!!!! Its plain and simple. I like Wood, but not at the expense of losing a game in a pressure situation. In certain ways, he reminds me of Rich Hill : we hope for success, but realize that a loss is more realistic. Of course, Baez can cause my anxiety level to rise. I just have this feeling that this IS the year. Hope all is well, and that PD Jr. is ready to celebrate!!!!
      Go Blue!!!!

  3. BLUE LOU!! Hope you are well and also Mrs. Lou and family. PD Jr. Is well and quite talkative right now. Anyway, as you know this year has been rough on us all and for me, I lost my dearest Mom on July 5th this year and I have been read sad about this so it’s tough being as excited about the team or even any baseball in 2020.

    1. My deepest condolences on your Mom’s passing. Take solace in knowing that you were a wonderful, loving son. I am sure you have only wonderful memories of her, and that is the way it should be. May she rest in peace!!!!
      Go Blue!!!

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