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Dodgers: Why Orel Hershiser Hasn’t Called As Many Games

The Dodgers broadcast crew has a much different look this season. It seems like in every game, there is a different combination of play-by-play and color commentators. It even feels like the radio broadcast schedule is a lot more mixed up than last season. 

Part of that has to do with the talent the Dodgers added this year. They hired Eric Karros, Jessica Mendoza, and Dontrelle Willis as additional TV analysts for 2022. Former first baseman Adrian Gonzalez joined the team for postgame and Jose Mota as another voice for English and Spanish radio.

It’s a whole new crew to go in with the existing members. Part of that was to cover Joe Davis, who is taking on a larger role with FOX this year. But the Dodgers also seem to be going less and less with Orel Hershiser. That has led to questions from fans all season. 

The LA Times’ Helene Elliot reported this week that part of that reason falls on Hershiser. He wants to remain focused on some of his personal business opportunities. 

“When asked about Hershiser’s absence from select games, the Dodgers responded they hired five radio and TV analysts this season, making the decision, they said, while Hershiser was leaning toward traveling less so he could focus on business ventures.”

But the good news is that Dodgers fans have very much latched on to some of the new talents. Dontrelle Willis has really impressed early on, and fans have flooded Twitter with praise and adoration for the longtime big leaguer. 

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Karros hasn’t exactly received the same level of praise from fans, but the former first baseman is still very much loved around Los Angeles. It’s definitely a new look and something that will take getting used to. But there is a lot of talent on this broadcast team. 

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  1. Williis , Hershiser and Karros are good and fun to listen to the others not so much.
    Joe Davis is ok too but he is not great.
    when Davis is not there let the broadcast just be Rick Monday and Charley Steiner.
    Also not blowing smoke but this site is by far the best Dodger web site out there hands down.
    One last this I read a lot of comments on other sites claiming comments have been omitted haven’t ever seen that on this site hope it never happens (I also understand for safety reasons it might need to happen but keep up the great work).

    1. Rick Monday is too dry. And he explains things like the listener is listening to their first baseball game ever. It’s highly annoying having the most mundane things explained in great detail.

  2. Orel Hershiser is my favorite. Love his honest (yet positive) comments and insightful analysis.

    1. I am glad Hershiser is gone because he, quite simply, talks…too…much–and never about the game. It’s always about random b.s. and it’s more than annoying. Good riddance.

  3. Charlie Steiner is one of the last of the grand old baseball voices. Going way back, when the only telecast games were when the Dodgers were in San Francisco, they did radio/TV simulcasts. Wish the games could be simulcast with Charlie when Joe isn’t available.

  4. Karros started out by talking too much. He’s been much better lately. Love Dontrelle Willis; Adrian Gonzalez is pretty weak in studio. Steiner made so many mistakes during his last broadcast that I feel it’s time for him to retire. My fav duo is Joe and Orel. They have such good chemistry, cover the game professionally, yet throw in snippets of humor…perfect combination.

  5. We’ve been spoiled. First, the GOAT, Vin Scully. But others going all the way back to Jerry Doggett, Ross Porter, Drysdale and Hershiser in recent years have been pretty damned good. Monday I’m kind of eh about, he’s not bad, but only so so IMO. Karros may grow into it, but so far I’m unimpressed. I don’t think I’ve heard Willis, Jessica is ok, but not up to Orel’s level. But sad to say, there’s only so many top level announcers, and not very damn many of them. While I’ve been damning with faint praise the Dodgers second division broadcast team, listen to pretty much any of them from the midwest or back east and they don’t sound too bad.

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