Dodgers: Why Would an MVP Like Cody Bellinger Change His Swing?

Something is different when you look at Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger in the batter’s box. Working with hitting coach Brant Brown, the reigning NL MVP made a swing change during the shutdown that has our Blue Heaven guys scratching their heads.

While he says that it makes him feel more comfortable at the plate, could it set him back closer to his poor 2018 season?

Understandably, these intrasquad don’t mean much of anything, but the early returns don’t look terribly promising.


Where do you stand on Cody’s new swing? Should he have kept it the same or should we give him the benefit of the doubt? How long does he struggle before we really start to worry? Let us know in the comments below!

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Cody wants to get better and that’s good cause he has so much talent that for awhile he was up there with triple crown numbers and he’s capable of that but he’s going to battle Seager for batting title and MVP.Seager is looking better than his first year when he was in The MVP FINAL 4 CONTENDERS.AND SOME IDIOTS WANTED HIM TRADED..Seager,Cody,Muncy,Buhler,Urias,May,Gonsolin,The future is bright.If only they could trade roberts.

  2. Cody’s problem is not his swing. He’s got a beautiful swing, prior to this recent change. Pitch recognition is what Cody needs to improve on.

  3. Changing swings is very common and as a long time player I can state there are some advantages to doing so. That said, it’s alarming the immediate results are positive. Personally I haven’t liked CB swing since the HR derby. Same with Joc he’s never been the same either.

  4. Chasing bad balls isn’t a swing issue, but a mental issue, and with some players the swing is the obvious answer, unless someone can convince you it’s in your swing when it’s in how you see the ball and what you expect coming.

    I think Cody had a problem in his expected pitch and not seeing what was actually coming.

    He doesn’t look like a dangerous batter right now.

  5. I believe Cody’s swing modification is warranted. To me, it previously appeared that Cody had too much head movement while swinging which affected how he saw the ball. The new mechanics seems to address this issue. Given his athleticism, with a little time, he should be able to adapt.

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