Dodgers: With Trevor Bauer’s Contract Demands, Where Could He End Up?

For much of the offseason, it has remained unclear what kind of deal the most coveted free agent arm Trevor Bauer is seeking. That changed late Tuesday night after MLB Network’s Jon Heyman tweeted that teams interested in Bauer are suggesting the prized free agent is looking for a five- to six-year deal worth between $36 to $40 million per season. Bauer denied the report and proceeded to get into it with Heyman on Twitter.

We dive into Trevor Bauer’s Twitter feud with Jon Heyman and discuss whether there’s any truth to the rumor. Next, we assess whether the Dodgers would consider signing the reigning National League Cy Young-winner to one of the most lucrative deals for a pitcher in MLB history.

Plus, do the Dodgers need to add an arm to their starting rotation? How about inquiring with the Reds about All-Star right-hander Luis Castillo?



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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Fortunately, LA does not need another starting pitcher. Whoever pays him will have $35 million less to spend on other players. Getting DJ LeMahieu to play every day is a LOT more valuable than getting Bauer pitching every 5 days.

  2. Your absolutely right Jamie getting DJ is more important than using Gavin Lux a top-level prospect who already has major league experience. What has more value again. How many games are we playing this year? Why did Kershaw benefit this year? We could use the benefit of having dominant number 2 starter because of Kershaw’s age how he tires, and giving him valuable rest for another play-off run. Why do you need DJ when you have Lux. That’s why we have the number 1 farm system in baseball.

  3. I do not see Friedman signing an expensive FA this year. However, I do think that he will make a significant trade for a right handed power hitter. As ridiculous as it sounds, I would like him to work out a trade for Randy Arozarema. The Rays seem willing to trade anyone for younger players (I realize that Randy is only 25 years old) but the Dodgers have the farm system to make that type of a trade. …….. Only an off season fantasy dream.

    1. Instead of trading multiple prospects for a RH power hitter, just sign George Springer. Yeah, I know he was one of the Astros cheaters, but he has apologized (seemed genuine to me) and there is no doubt the can really hit — he has done great at Dodger Stadium.

  4. No doubt Bauer is going to get a lot of money from some team, but for that team to be the Dodgers they will have to find a way to trade David Price (Dodgers owe $30M over next two seasons – Boston pays him $32M over that period). I don’t see the Dodgers paying Bauer as much as they are paying Mookie Betts (~$30M AAV). If the Dodgers really wanted a number two pitcher I think they would have outbid the Padres for Snell who will be paid $39M over the next 3 seasons.

    1. I’m calling this fake news! Who in their right mind thinks Bauer, after 1 good yr is worth 5 yrs at 30+ million a yr? Is the source,Heyman, up to no good? Or is it a ploy by Bauers agent or some other team trying to eliminate competition?
      If anybody gives him more than $20 mill a year they’ll regret it.

  5. Whoever is dumb enough will sign him maybe padres they think Yu darvish is an ace when he wouldn’t even be a fifth starter with The Dodgers.Maybe they can trade Gray,Ruiz and pollock for Arozarena with Rays that’s a huge righthanded power bat right there better than an expensive aging infielder that demands 5 year contract 100 million.And Dodgers can trade for Hader that way him and Victor Gonsalez can set up and close games.

    1. No one ever said Darvish was an ace, but Snell, Clevenger, and Lamet are. It’s not about him being an ace it’s about revenge factor. After Darvish was run out of LA after 2017 WS. I’m not praising the Pads, but if you want to get after the Dodgers they are building a decent case. Snell pulled against us in the WS. Machado not re-signed. Not a bad recipe. I’m not trying to dog us, but you have to respect how aggressive they been and how many years they have taken in the rear from. No matter how much they spent. If you want elite players it’s going to cost elite money.

      1. Clevinger is 30 years old with 44 career wins and Lamet is still young (and I’m looking at his career W-L and ERA….those pass for ace material nowadays?
        Darvish is better than all of them including Snell

  6. Mixed comments coming from Bauer one is that he likes shorter term deals, and the other he wants a longer term Gerrit Cole deal. Only way it works for us is a 2-3 year deal with back end incentives. To be honest Gerrit Cole did not have a 300 mil dollar year with the Yankees! I don’t think Bauer is going to get that kind of deal. Maybe but doubt it. Bottom line unless we are talking about dumping Price on Pollocks contract we are better to wait and use our prospects at positions we need or are in question. Rios and Lux deserve to play. We just won the WS. Yeh I wanna keep pace with the Pads but value wise unless we are dumping Price or Pollack I think it’s better to wait. Bullpen moves look solid.

  7. I get that we need RHB if Turner is gone, bottomline there are guys out there who are Turner material. That are not going cost an arm and a leg. Guys like DJ and Arenado. No one is letting those guys go without out major assets being given up. I do not see it happening. Especially Arenado. There are guy out there that don’t command elite money and can play the position and hit just like it. Arenado will command Betts type of money and Colorado will ask for the moon! I do not see the Yankees giving up on one of the best pure hitters in baseball who will still command a lot of money as well.

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