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Dodgers: MLB Expert Predicts Los Angeles Will Get Knocked Out of the Postseason Early

The amount of disrespect towards the Dodgers over the last week is a little overwhelming. From the moment that the Padres landed Blake Snell in a trade, it seemed like the entire MLB forgot what happened just a few months ago. It’s almost as if Los Angeles didn’t just dominate an entire season and take home a World Series. 

The latest disrespect comes by way of’s Anthony Castrovince. In his latest article, Castrovince gave a few bol predictions for the 2021 season as we enter the New Year. One of those predictions was that the Braves would win the National League pennant and that the Dodgers would be knocked out early. 

Castrovince didn’t even think that the Dodgers would make it to the Championship Series. He felt that Los Angeles would get upset early, hinting that they wouldn’t make it through the Division Series with their current roster. While it’s fair to say that the Braves can actually be that good, it seems like a stretch to write off LA that early. 

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Yes, the Padres added a ton of talent so far this offseason. But the Dodgers aren’t really close to even getting started making their moves, and Castrovince even predicts that they still win the National League West. I don’t know when it got cool to disrespect the Dodgers, but it’s getting a little tiring at this point. 

Here’s to hoping that just a few months from now, we can all look back at Castrovince’s predictions and laugh. 

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  1. Once you get to the playoffs it is a crapshoot in the earlier rounds that are short series. A hot pitcher, hitter or a bad umpire call can swing the difference. We have seen this in previous years.
    However playoff games are more about pitching, clutch hitting & building up pitch counts to get the Ace pitcher out of the game by the 5th or 6th inning. That is why the bullpen is so important as the Dodgers proved in 2020 with Urias closing out key games.
    The Dodgers are set up to be competitive for the future. Kasten & Friedman are playing chess while many teams are playing checkers. I like a starting rotation of Kershaw, Price (if he plays), Buehler, Urias, and guys like May, Gonsolin, Gonzalez, White, Santana, Gray and other young arms competing for a roster slot. I give props to the Padres for going for the Championship. But I am not convinced they are better throughout the roster than the Dodgers by the time the 2021 season starts, whenever that is. The Dodgers dominated in 2020 with Muncy & Bellinger having bad years offensively. What if Muncy and Bellinger have good years?

    1. All you said is true and well thought out, but last year is last year. The 2021 season will be different. The Dodgers still have moves to make yet to make sure they will stay on top this off season. The Padres definitely made major improvements this offseason. The Padres have a roster of young and talented roster that will compete in the NL West.

      The starting rotation of Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, David Price, Julio Urias, Dustin May, and Tony Gonsolin is probably the top two starting rotation in MLB. However Dustin May, Tony Gonsolin, and Victor Gonzalez are still “young prospects.” In the 2020 season they shown flashes of their potential, but need to work on control and learn to control the plate. MLB batters can catch up to the fast balls and to keep the batters off balance they need control and command of their pitches to keep the batters guessing and off balance.

      Victor Gonzalez, Mitchell White, Josiah Gray, and Dennis Santana still need some improvement and still young talents. Maybe another year away from the majors which bolds well for the Dodgers future, but not, yet ready, for the immediate 2021 season.

      The Dodgers hitting was very good last season, but can still be improved. JT being a question mark as a free agent, and what free agency move will the Dodgers make to improve the overall strength of the team. The Dodgers have yet to make any free agent moves.

      The Atlanta Braves, almost, ousted the Dodgers in the NLCS in seven games.

      The Dodgers cannot pin the 2021 hopes on young talents that have potential but have yet shown they can perform consistently against the young and improved Padres and Braves the two immediate treat for the Dodgers.

  2. It’s just a stupid comment! He might as well say he predicts the Dodgers will lose game 56 snd win games 57 & 58. Nobody knows anything about what the roxters will be like, injuries that will happrn etc. Just dumb!

    1. Most of the posters here have more insight into the game than the majority of baseball writers.

  3. That’s what happens when sports journalists do not have any real news to report, they make up fake news that is just a waste of time to read

  4. When you’re at the top this happens. Predicting the Dodgers win isn’t bold and, outside of Dodger fans, everyone else is rooting for the underdog.

  5. “I don’t know when it got cool to disrespect the Dodgers, but it’s getting a little tiring at this point.” Where have you BEEN?!? “to disrespect the Dodgers” has been years upon years. Ever heard of bias? American League? yankees? espn? fox? etc etc

    1. Agreed. I used to let it bother me when everyone including the media would hate on the Dodgers, or Lakers for that matter. But it comes with the territory when your team is on top and consistently the best.

  6. What a deep prediction. The Padres just got two top tier pitchers and will probably face them again in round 1 any idiot can make this prediction

  7. Wow! We are still in the off season and 2031 playing rules, roster size etc haven’t even been worked out, let alone all potential roster moves and so forth. The person here that doesn’t deserve any respect is Castroville himself. These types of predictions this time of year are common place.

  8. Well, since the last time someone repeated as champions was 20 years ago and the last time the winning team even got back the WS was 19 years ago, this isn’t exactly a bold prediction. A bolder one would be that the Dodgers miss the post season completely which isn’t likely to happen. It’s just a little speed bump buzzkill for the New Year. The Dodgers are the 2020 World Champions. That ain’t ever going away.

  9. That’s not entirely true that most baseball writers disrespect Dodgers. Prior to the 2020 World Series, most ESPN writers had the Dodgers winning the World Series, Buster Olney, Jeff Passan, and Tim Kurkjian all picked the Dodgers to win. John Heyman of CBS Sports also picked the Dodgers to win the World Series. In fact most sports writers picked the Dodgers as the 2020 World Series favorite. So to say the amount of disrespect towards the Dodgers just over last week’s Padres signings and trades is a greatly exaggerated overstatement. Padres improved their roster a lot more than the Dodgers over last week, that’s plain truth. Dodgers have yet to resign Turner, Hernandez, Trienan, Pederson, Alex Wood – all five were key contributors during the post season. Without these five players the Dodgers are inferior team to the current Padres, and without these five players Dodgers wouldn’t have won the 2020 NLCS or the World Series.

    1. Only Turner and Trienan were contributors. KIki hit 230 5 hr and OBP of a very weak 270, that’s pathetic. Pederson can’t touch the ball vs lefties and hit 190 last season. Wood pitched 12 innings and had a war of -0.4. It would actually make the team better getting rid of them. Easy to replace them with guys down on the farm alone.

  10. The Dodgers had the best record in baseball despite subpar performances from Muncy, Bellinger and whoever played 2nd. Imagine if at least one of those had an uptick in their game. It’s still way to early to discuss who is going to do what. That is the fun of it.

  11. Dodgers will repeat as champions as long as the fans demand it. If they can persuade Richy rich Friedman too spend some money on Talent like, Nolan Arenado and a few others it’s definitely doable.

  12. When I first started liking LA in all three sports as a kid coming up in the Philadelphia area code. Los Angeles has always been down played as long as I can remember. Roman Gabriel, John Hadle ,losing too Dallas at home Chuck Knox Rams didn’t help any. Dodgers may have changed their fortunes with this overdue championship bye no means are they done winning them. F.O and Rich boy has to want it for the fans. Definitely a chance for one more regardless what the Padres do. It’s not a rivalry neither is Lakers- Clippers please stop.

  13. The Padres are going down the road of the Yankees of last year. Bought up everyone and failed miserably, no chemistry. Looking at Snell he had the game of his life vs LA on a big stage. That wasn’t his body of work overall. You just can’t trust Darvish as well. Everyone will see. The Dodgers are better and will improve with moves or signings that haven’t been made yet.

  14. Lots of hype and yet a pitch has not been thrown. The Padres had to do something, they were swept by the Dodgers and the talent gap was too wide. We’ll see what happens on the field but everyone knows the journey to the NL crown goes through Los Angeles.

  15. It is called inadequate effort after winning it all in 2020 season. Using an overweight grocery store clerk to pinch hit because a normal starter has a “boo boo” to heal. Removing a hitter for a right vs left pitcher when AJ Pollock will be dropped from the team at season end. Woefully inadequate effort all the time, Pollock career is over . Maybe several others will leave this team as 2021 ends. Some may make greater effort elsewhere. Many players made inadequate effort to prepare for this season in March. Hamstring boo boos,

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