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Dodgers Would Have to Take a Bad Contract in Any Juan Soto Trade

Dodgers fans have already started to put together their trade packages for Juan Soto. After a report came out that he had turned down a massive extension from the Nationals, fans around the league started to dream. Those dreams began to grow after Soto and his agent openly talked about how they did not appreciate how public negotiations had become, hinting at displeasure with the Nationals.

But if the Dodgers wanted to land Soto in a trade this season, it would take a truly all-time package of prospects. Soto is one of the purest hitters in all of baseball, and there’s a very good chance he commands a near $500 million deal when he eventually hits free agency.

They would also need to take on a truly terrible contract. Reports suggest that Washington wants any team interested in a Soto deal to also take on the contract of Patrick Corbin. That might be a little difficult for the Dodgers to do.

Corbin has 2 years remaining on his deal beyond the 2022 season. He makes an annual average of $23.3 million, but there is still $49 million left on his deal after this year. That means the Dodgers would be stuck with roughly $57-$59 million for Corbin. 

And he has not been good since signing that massive $140 million deal. Over his last 2 seasons, Corbin has combined for a 13-28 record and a 5.84 ERA. He has also posted a horrific 5.13 FIP and an equally bad ERA+ of 68. That means he has pitched 32 percent worse than league average, which doesn’t bode well for the Dodgers. 

Add in the fact that the Dodgers would likely need to throw in 4 top prospects and maybe even Gavin Lux, and we have a problem. Obviously, Soto is a generational talent and any team would love to have him. But sometimes the deal just isn’t worth it. We’ll see what Andrew Friedman thinks in the coming weeks. 

Dodgers News: MLB Writer Puts Together a Wild Trade Package for Juan Soto


  1. For two and a half years of team control of Juan Soto, the Nats are going to desperately try to move some really ugly contacts. Stephen Strasburg (owed $157M for 4.5 yrs) or Patrick Corbin ($72 for 2.5 yrs). Dodgers seem like money dumps like David Price/Crawford/Josh Beckett. It’s the only way to get a Betts, AGon, or Soto. And the Nats might even want Bellinger. New scenery might actually do him good. If the Yankees get Castillo or Frankie Montas you can be sure the Dodgers will make a move to bolster the bats in the line up.

    1. Why would the Nats want Belli? They’re trying to lower their payroll for the sale of the team. If anything, Bellinger is a candidate to be DFA’d after the season.

  2. “And he has not been good since signing that massive $140 million deal.” That’s not true – he was very good the first year of that deal. However, since then he’s been absolute garbage, And the backloaded nature of his contract means that a disproportionate share of it remains. Meanwhile, you are correct that people are saying it, I don’t necessarily believe that a team has to take on his contract to get Soto. That’s because, while I’m sure they would love to get rid of such an onerous deal, they know they would be getting less in prospect value if they require that. So, perhaps the Nats instead go for the best possible package of prospects they can get instead. Either way, it’s probably too much for it to come together by August 2nd. This may be a trade that happens in the offseason. If so, it won’t be for a lack of trying on the part of the other teams.

  3. Stop already!!!!! Soto waaay over priced. Castillo not needed. For a team now having success and some injured players soon to return, we’re good. Maybe a managerial change ????

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