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Dodgers: Yadi Molina Thought Albert Pujols Might Try to Embarrass Him

Tío Albert’s return to St. Louis began with chants from fans to see him in the game on Monday. Pujols didn’t appear in that contest but did get the start on Tuesday. He ended up homering in his first at-bat back since 2019. His history chasing 679th home run was met with a roar from fans on both sides. 

While that was the only hit for him on the night, it wasn’t the only highlight that was caught by cameras. In the third inning, longtime Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina singled to right field and immediately starts chirping away at Albert Pujols. Of course, it wasn’t your usual trash talking as Molina and Pujols were once teammates and are still good friends. 

After the game, Pujols let everyone in on the interaction that took place.

“He said he was running so hard because he thought I was telling [Steven] Souza to throw him out at first base. I wasn’t gonna do that to him. I was just messing with him. Yadi’s like my little brother, we’ve helped each other so much when we played together.”

Seeing Souza throw out Molina, who isn’t a very fast runner, at first base would have been a funny moment to see, especially with Albert there to rub it in his face. Since his arrival to Los Angeles, we’ve gotten to see so much of Pujols’ fun and loving personality. It hasn’t been hard for him to make some deep connections with the team, something he prides himself on doing.

He mentioned that the type of close relationships he has with guys like Molina or Mike Trout are what you want to have when you have to call it a career. So many players have influenced him and helped him out along the way, and still do to this day. Albert also mentioned the ability to still have those relationships is the legacy he wants to leave behind. 

Pujols will always be remembered for being one of the game’s best hitters in history, but his ability to make connections with others and have fun will also live on. Hopefully, that legacy continues in Dodger blue next year. 

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