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Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig Bares it All for ESPN’s Body Issue

The Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig has never been accused of being shy. That’s why his inclusion on the cover of ESPN the Magazine’s 2018 “Body Issue” is not at all surprising. The annual issue features professional athletes from various sports stripped-down to showcase their athletic physiques. Puig is one of 15 athletes featured this year and there is no question as to why he was selected. The pictures speak for themselves:

Puig’s Response

In an interview conducted in tandem with the photoshoot, Puig remarked: “Since I play baseball I don’t need a sexy body.” A sexy body must just be a bonus for the Dodgers’ right fielder.

“Yasiel Puig or any other athlete, they need their entire body. If you play baseball and you can’t run, you can’t play” Puig went on to say.

He took to Instagram to express his pleasure with the experience.

The Dodgers Are in Great “Shape”

Now that it’s undeniably clear that Puig is in incredible physical shape, let’s hope it continues to power his hot streak at the plate.

Puig’s full interview with ESPN can be read here.

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