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Dodgers: Yasmani Grandal to Reject Qualifying Offer, Becomes FA

After several seasons of extreme highs and lows, it looks like Yasmani Grandal’s time with the Dodgers is over.

Multiple sources have reported ahead of the 2PM deadline that he has indeed rejected his $17.9 million qualifying offer, effectively ending his time with the Dodgers.

Having been a top-three catcher since coming to Los Angeles, Grandal is expected to command a contract with guaranteed money well exceeding his qualifying offer.

His playoff showing was horrific, but he has also been one of the best at the position since coming to LA. He batted a combined .238/.337/.453 in his time with the Dodgers, including 89 home runs. He also threw out 88 out of 299 would-be base stealers good for a 29% caught stealing rate.

Unfortunately, his four years in Los Angeles will be entirely summarized by his 2018 playoff meltdown. It was a series of games that saw him drop throws from the outfield, let runners score on passed balls, and a flurry of 15 strikeouts. He finished up the 2018 postseason hitting abysmal .138, and reaching base only nine times.

The Dodgers will need to find a replacement for Grandal in free agency or via trade, as Austin Barnes does not appear to have the tools to be a full-time catcher. Their top prospects Kiebert Ruiz and Will Smith are at least one year away — arguably two — from the big leagues.


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  1. This really comes as no surprise and if i had to guess, based upon his horrific PS most fans are good to say adios! Now what do Dodgers do? Good guess but correct on Barnes not quite ready to assume a full time catching role, not because of defense of course but this year he made AJ Ellis look like a Hall of Fame catcher.

    1. I am sorry to see Yasmani not resign with the team. We met him in Dodgers Stadium, he said hi to my son. We bought his jersey immediately. Its sounds like he is going through something personal and its affecting his game.

  2. Get out of town. You’re the poster child for what’s wrong with this team. No clutch, homerun or bust, chasing garbage.

  3. Although he, along with Matt Kemp, powered the Dodgers offense early in 2018 when little else was coming from others, I’m okay with him moving on. He was disastrous in the playoffs two years running. Could not be worse with a rookie catcher, of which the Dodgers have several options, apparently.

  4. He was so bad in 2017, he didn’t start in the World Series. That year he led the league in passed balls. His abysmal offense in this year’s playoffs demonstrates the need for an upgrade at catcher. Great pitch framer. Good luck Yas.

    1. On MLBN this AM it was mentioned that JT Realmuto would be a good fit for Dodgers, to whom they said do have the extra ‘chips’ with which to work out a deal with the Marlins. Just wonder what many of you here think about that. Given that it is assumed that the minor league catchers need more seasoning with the possible exception of Will Smith.

  5. Perfect deal: trade for Realmuto who has 2 years left on contract. Got the 2021 season we have FIVELB catching prospects now in the farm

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