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ESPN: Dodgers “Favorites” To Keep Greinke

It’s the $200 million question: Where will Zack Greinke land? Anyone even distantly connected with the Los Angeles Dodgers has that at the forefront of their offseason thoughts. My wife asked me the other day: “Hey, what’s the deal with that Greinke guy?” She is not a baseball fan. Not at all.

So, fans can at least take solace that at least one major platform think their Dodgers are the most likely destination for the potential Cy Young winner.

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David Schoenfield of ESPN thinks that just might be the case. Of the five teams Greinke might land, the Dodgers seemed the most logical.

1. The favorite: Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers obviously have the cash, but you can also envision a scenario in which they won’t want to wait on Greinke’s decision. Maybe they instead go after David Price or Johnny Cueto. Maybe they sign Jason Heyward to a big deal and trade Yasiel Puig. Maybe the allocate their resources in multiple players. That said, everyone seems to think the Dodgers are the favorite to sign Greinke.

The points made here by Schoenfield all make a ton of sense. By all reports, Greinke loves it in Los Angeles. He also is too well-rounded a player to be overly-interested in the American League and the designated hitter.

It’s also to important to note, though, that Andrew Friedman comes from a culture that held off of giving huge contracts to players late into their 30s. This by no means fans should start making plans to DVR Greinke’s re-introductory press conference, but it’s definitely a start.

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  1. Of course they are going to sign him, why do you think they are raising cost of admission, need that extra cash to cover that $200mil plus contract

  2. @Louis  greinke says he likes it in los angeles but he will go with who ever offers him the most money. its a shame its all about money now a days instead of about the team winning and being deadicated.

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