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ESPN Ranks Dodgers 56TH Amongst Teams In All Four Major Sports

It’s always difficult to rank and compare teams across the four major sports since there are different rules and obstacles that certain teams go through that others don’t need to.

However, with the other three major sports beginning their seasons, ESPN decided they’d try to do just that, but grading teams based on different criteria. Graded by eight different factors, Anthony Olivieri of ESPN The Magazine has the Dodgers ranked in the top half of the group:

Since 2011, the Dodgers have seen a meteoric rise in our standings in the categories of ownership (65 spots) and fan relations (48), which can be attributed directly to the departure of financially downtrodden ex-owner Frank McCourt. Though the new group is more Showtime than old time, it’s all done on a ticket price ($22.37) below the MLB average. These are the good old days.

Teams were graded by Title track, Ownership, Coaching, Players, Fan Relations, Affordability, Stadium experience and bang for the buck. Among the 30 teams in baseball, the Dodgers rank 12th as they’re behind NL West foes Arizona and San Francisco and they’re behind the Angels also.

Previously, the ESPN baseball writers moved the Dodgers up from eighth to fourth in terms of future rankings, but that takes the results on the field and in the minor leagues more into account. Across the board the Dodgers aren’t too high or too low in any category, but it does sound like people are taking notice of their improved efforts on and off the field.

Depending on how the Dodgers do in the playoffs this season, they’ll either rise up the rankings with or continue on the same track their on right now.


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