Exclusive Interview With Dodgers Hitting Strategist Brant Brown

Current Dodgers hitting strategist Brant Brown joined Clint Pasillas (@realFRG) and myself (@DiamondHoggers) to talk some big league hitting. Furthermore, it was a great conversation. Brant is a really chill guy – and he gave us some insight beyond what we felt we needed to know.

Altogether, a pretty good little interview took place. Some good, wholesome baseball talk; and if you like hitting you will enjoy this conversation.


Highlights of The Interview With Brant Brown:

Brown went into great detail on a variety of subjects. From his history with new hitting coach Robert Van Scoyoc to how analytics are incorporated into the hitting approach – Brown pulls out all the stops.

On Cody Bellinger (23:08)

We found a couple things that we could go back to. Studying the 2017 film and then digging deep into the data about where his slug was, and what he was able to lay off. Obviously, being able to marriage that with same-side like versus left-handed pitching. We saw a couple significant differences that occurred in 2018 with his stance and move and timing of the pitch. He’s definitely a sponge and was in a frame of mind of ‘100 percent give it to me, I’m all in.’

On working with Russell Martin (27:37)

I know Robert and I are both excited. He’s going to be in shortly. I know he’s had a really good career and will bring some personality different from Yasmani into the daily grind. I just want to make sure that we just have good communication process – we understand each other. We don’t want to interfere with what he feels makes him the best. We have talked with Raul Ibanez on the east coast that knows him and has a history. We are chomping at the bit to work with him.

Other topics in the interview:

  • Who is his favorite Dodgers player to work with?
  • Could Justin Turner fall out of bed and hit .315?
  • The loss of former hitting coach Turner Ward
  • His breakout 2019 Dodgers candidate
  • Details on Cody Bellinger’s re-tooled swing
  • Commentary on working with newly-acquired Russell Martin
  • What it was like to be in center field for Kerry Wood’s 20-strikeout game
  • His favorite big league teammates

Moreover, Brown covered a number of other topics and was a great guy to talk baseball with.

Dodgers Nation would like to give a special thanks to Brant Brown for taking some time out of his schedule to talk with us. We hope you have enjoyed this interview and we look forward to bringing you more like it.

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  1. Interesting information on your podcast. Have you heard from any Dodger sources what Barnes is doing? He must be grinding. Working on his hitting

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