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Fan Reactions from the Three-Way Trade the Dodgers Made

Earlier today the Dodgers made a three-way trade with the Kansas City Royals and Chicago White Sox. The Dodgers traded number 13 prospect Trevor Oaks and left-handed reliever Luis Avilan in exchange for left-handed reliever Scott Alexander from Kansas City and minor league infielder Jake Peter from Chicago.

The trade set off Twitter and here are some instant fan reactions.

Dodger fans are excited about Alexander filling the Tony Watson role and giving the Dodgers another effective left-handed reliever to go along with Tony Cingrani. Some Dodger fans were a bit worried about the potential impact of losing right-handed starting pitcher Trevor Oaks. But the result of the trade was positive.

There’s was excitement brewing late when reports surfaced that this was a three-team trade involving two AL teams. People began to speculate if this was the trade that would move Matt Kemp. But in the end, Kemp is still with LA. The deal is another not-so-sexy move by Andrew Friedman, but it’s a move that improves the Dodgers bullpen and saves them from Avilan’s $2.3M projected salary. Let us know how you feel about the trade in the comments below!

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  1. Avilan for Alexander is a win, tempered by the loss of Trevor Oaks…like that kid 🙁 overall, I think we got the better part of the dark 😉

  2. I think the money saved is a huge factor. Avilan is not a loss, but statistically Alexander is only marginally better with fewer K’s but MUCH better ground ball rate. Oaks was not a top of the rotation SP prospect, but had the makeup and pitches for a solid no. 4 or 5 who could eat up a lot of innings. Peter in place of Mejia is a nice upgrade, he might have a chance to make the opening day roster as the LH hitting utility infielder (Utley’s place) with a strong ST. Dodgers marginally better today than yesterday.

  3. I think this trade is brilliant! Though not a big marquee trade it accomplishes so much, makes us better now and in the future, gave some players a chance to make the big leagues, left us with another spot on the 40 man roster and lowers the payroll. Plus being a 3 team deal must have taken some work. My respect and confidence in our front office is at an all-time high!

    1. Respect for Andrew Friedman a joke Another cheap pick up when ownership Guggenheim group is worth 300 billion dollars and we get junk again teams don’t want. The brass can care less .Raise ticket prices and again in 18 no World Series win.They may just bust

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