Zaidi Leaves Open Possibility Of Dodgers Signing Scherzer Or Shields

Max Scherzer, James Shields

With deep pockets and the desire to win now, the Los Angeles Dodgers were expected to be in the chase for any of Jon Lester, Max Scherzer and James Shields. The Dodgers reportedly expressed some level of interest in Lester, though not enough to entice the left-hander and he signed with the Chicago Cubs.

In the weeks after Lester’s decision, the Dodgers added to their rotation in the form of Brett Anderson and Brandon McCarthy, who signed one-year and four-year deals, respectively.

After the Anderson signing was made official, Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi said the team wouldn’t pursue more starting pitching — implying the Dodgers wouldn’t be in the race to sign Scherzer or Shields. During a Wednesday appearance on MLB Network Radio, Zaidi was again asked about the right-handers who remain free agents.

While he stuck with the Dodgers’ motto of not specifically commenting on available free agents, Zaidi didn’t completely rule out adding to the starting rotation:

We don’t comment on free agents that are out there. I’ll just say we’re not closing any doors at this point. You’re never done. You’re constantly evaluating new options to improve the team and we’re still in that phase. If there’s a guy out there that we think makes us better and is available at the right price, we’ll absolutely consider it.”

There’s been little to make of the market for both Scherzer and Shields as any activity has been kept behind closed doors. One recent report had executives believing Shields would eventually sign for at least $100 million over five years, with two claiming he already held a $110 million offer.

Scherzer, at three years younger than Shields, 30 compared to 33, would likely command a similar salary if not more. Scherzer is coming off back-to-back seasons in which he won at least 18 games and pitched over 210 innings both years.

If the Dodgers are to sign Scherzer or Shields, it would not only cost the team financially, but they would also forfeit their first round pick in the upcoming 2015 Draft as both pitchers rejected the qualifying offer from their respective team prior to the free agency period beginning.

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  1. well do we or don’t we..??? Make up your mind, this guy waffles so much he should work for IHOP

    1. I’m glad he does. There is absolutely no reason for everyone out there to know what they are trying to do.

      1. Well you are in the minority my friend..most Dodger fans wanted a big splash and a name player this winter…what they got was a bunch of ripples in the lake and some so so players…..supposedly making the defense and the club house better…..that remains to be seen……I am not in the least impressed and even though I am not from Missouri….show me…….

        1. while i agree i was somewhat disappointed in the tiny moves the dodgers made, i also believe the best deals usually come out of nowhere.

          if the club is publically talking about something, it rarely ever happens. i prefer to be kept in the dark if it means a big splash.

          1. Again, do it or do not. Been watching this team over 60 years…..3 trades in all that time surprised me and only 1 of them was good…..Willie Davis for Mike Marshall the pitcher….the other two were a disaster…..Pedro Martinez for Delino Deshields and Mike Piazza and Todd Zeile for Sheffield, Bonilla, and 3 slugs…..Only Sheffield lasted more than a year with the team, and he was a pain in the ass…..Piazza ended up going to the World Series with the Mets…..

          2. i’ve been following them for almost 50 years. i just don’t care if they publicly talk about who they will or won’t sign. most talked about rumors rarely come true.

            negotiations kept in private, regardless of sport, are the ones that tend to be done. i guess i just prefer to be surprised.

          3. Well talk is cheap…..we can both agree on that….they talked about trading Ethier, and yet he is still here….still a declining player with eroding skills and he is who they expect to fight against Pedersen in spring……I have no faith in either of them getting the job done, Pedersen needs to cut down on his K ratio and Ethier needs to find his stroke back…..

          4. but that’s exactly what i’m talking about. there have been a ton of ethier rumors yet nothing has happened.

            in fact, everything this management team has done this off season has come completely out of the blue…and i personally think the dodgers are better.

            i don’t think they are done tinkering with the roster and fully expect zaidi to make more moves. whether or not they talk about it with the fans is okay with me.

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