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Farhan Zaidi Plucks His First Former Dodgers Player To San Francisco

We all knew this day would come – the day former Dodgers front office member Farhan Zaidi takes away a former player. Indeed, the writing appears on the wall for switch-pitcher Pat Venditte. Reports surfaced on Wednesday that Venditte is close to a reported deal with the rival San Francisco Giants.

Obviously, Zaidi knows this player well. He was part of the efforts to bring him to Los Angeles. Some that Venditte offers has Zaidi believing he can be part his first efforts in the Bay Area.

And Zaidi likes Venditte. Moreover – did anyone notice the switch-pitcher was called up eight times in 2018?

Farhan Zaidi was the general manager, getting called up from Triple-A eight times and posting a 2.57 ERA in 15 big league appearances. He almost always throws with the arm that gives him a platoon advantage, although he has had more success against lefties, holding them to a .186 average.

To be honest, this seems like a nice move for the Giants. Venditte is one of those players I can see there having his best year; this seems like one that really works out for Zaidi. The hope is moving forward that he doesn’t pry away too many valuable former Dodgers.

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  1. Addition of Venditte improves the Giants; subtraction of Venditte improves the Dodgers

      1. Have a great holiday season,Azul!!!!!! Also extend my holiday wishes to PD Jr. My holiday gifts will be delivered when Friedman delivers Bryce, Kluber or both.!!!!! Go Blue!!

      1. BLUE LOU! Holiday greetings to you from me and PD Jr. Venditte is no real loss but something tells me Dodgers won’t be getting either harper or Kluber but then again, wss. It is known that Dodgers won’t be willing to give out a 10 year deal for Harper. perhaps a shorter term with a higher AAV, but who knows. My guess is that some player movement happens within a week or 2 so stay tuned.

  2. Look at his numbers with the Dodgers. Certainly better than the lion’s share of the duds Moe and Larry added during the year. Maybe Zaidi can add his countryman Colin Kaepernick to the powerful lineup in S.F. I wonder if Farhan includes 7-11’s in their contracts?

  3. Big deal, Farhan, like those you were involved in most of the time with the Dodgers.
    If Farhan gets anyone good from us, you know there is collusion with Friedman.

    1. A Jew and a Muslim helping each other? It’s only natural one of them would go to the Giants eventually. This is going to go perfectly with the events that will occur in Jerusalem in 2019. Sports reflect real life.

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