Forbes Lists Dodgers Number 1 In Interesting Category

Much talk has been made in the past of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ purse strings in regards to the luxury tax. Now – Forbes is publicizing with their 2019 MLB team values – and the Dodgers are prominent as always.

Moreover, the Dodgers aren’t just one of baseball’s most valuable teams. They are also one of it’s most profitable – and the two don’t always run hand-in-hand.

Indeed, the Dodgers are baseball’s most profitable team at the time being according to the magazine.

The Dodgers had operating income of $95 million last season, the most in baseball. Such richness is a plus when, as in the case of the Dodgers, the owners are in the process of selling small stakes in the team to limited partners. The new investors will pay more if they believe a dividend is more likely than a capital call.

Obviously, this means that the Dodgers accomplished a couple goals in the recent past. First, they were able to be competitive in getting back to a second consecutive World Series in 2018. Let’s keep in mind that the Dodgers are listed as NL favorites to go back for the third straight year to the Fall Classic. Second, the Dodgers are making money!

If you’re winning – and making money – you’re running a successful organization in baseball. Those two things really are the brass-tax bottom line.

Overall, the Dodgers are listed as the second most valuable team in all of baseball at the Current moment. The New York Yankees are listed as baseball’s most valuable team. Next up after the Dodgers are the defending champion Boston Red Sox.

It’s worth noting that the San Francisco Giants are in a prime position in the fifth overall spot.

Therefore, the take home message is that the Dodgers are doing a great job. I have said many times that everyone who follows or covers the Dodgers is living a charmed-baseball life at the current moment. The article from Forbes serves as the proof.

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  1. Gotta wonder about the psychology of sports fans. If you think about it we’re basically investing our emotions and money for a billion dollar companies “softball team” if you will. Instead of the suits playing they hire real players to put on a show and make a foundation for their business

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