Former Dodger Cody Bellinger Off to Tough Start with Chicago Cubs

Before you jump straight to the comments to say “he’s not a Dodger anymore” or something, yes… we understand that. But, Dodgers fans are still forever enamored with favorites that aren’t on the team anymore. And Cody Bellinger falls perfectly in that category.

This past offseason, Bellinger signed a one year, $17.5 million deal with the Chicago Cubs after the Dodgers opted to non-tender him in November, releasing the former fourth round pick and 2019 NL MVP into free agency. His first week as a Cubbie has not gone well.

He drove in his first RBI on Sunday on a groundout in the 8th inning.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Dodger centerfielders have 4 home runs and 10 RBI in the first four games of the season.

The point of this isn’t to be down on Cody. Fans in LA still have all the love in the world for their World Series champ. But, the point is that maybe the Dodgers were right in the decision they made to move on from the 27-year-old. It’s still extremely early in the season and there’s still plenty of time for Belli to break out and put together a monster year.

Cody and the Cubs come to Dodger Stadium in less than two weeks in what should be a warm homecoming for Bopper.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. Cody needs to stop playing Gold because it is evident with his swing that Gold has effected the way he swings a bat. He also needs to start listening to the coaches, he does snot know better then they do.

  2. So basically he picked up right where he left off. And oh yeah-he’s not a Dodger anymore.

  3. Once a Dodger, always a Dodger! It’s still way too early to be down on him. If only he would adjust his swing like he was told to do. Like Jerry Hairston said, Cody needs to the coaches and change his swing. Cody said it doesn’t feel “natural.” Unless he changes and quickly, his major league career could end faster than it should.

  4. He’s not on…. Lol. NM. I was hoping he’d be ok with Cubs ( tho not too good) , buti was wondering why the Cubs would pay him 17mm!? Lol. But hey, he’s we still have crap in – CT3, Peralta, JD, Hey, and maybe Max.

    Even Max’s 5 k’s other night, he had a sum good contact and foul hits. He didn’t strike out game 2. And hey could do sum damage still as a defensive change and pH and emergency starts if Betts gets a bump or bruises? But Ct3, Peralta need to go! JD… whatever. Hell b useful in playoffs AT times. Then were done with him. He’s just a cork until Sho gets here. Avexias and Brusdar?! …. Not high pressure guys! brusadr almost blew the 20 WS. Though I’m not blaming Doc right now tho… It’s early now, and he needs to know who to use exactly and where?! still tho, Phillips was availble. Who’s to say he would’ve gotten thru that order without a run? He did lose 3 games and blow some. Probably last year. And this was a test for doc. And know we know Brusdars gonna have to find different stuff. Vexias idk? Maybe mop up and extra innings guy when Reyes n Blake n Hudson and fierheisen come back ? Fn’ MASH unit. Lol

  5. I’d bet there is a majority of Dodgers fans that could careless about Cody. We will root for guys like JT and Kiké. But to say we love all our former players…no. Trea can kick rocks and so can Verdugo, with all the trash he has talked. Cody fits in that category because when hitting coaches fixed his swing he said “I just don’t like how it feels, so I’m going back to my swing” and we saw how it works. He was a stubborn and a diva, and I was so happy to see him go, as I’m sure most are, except you obviously.

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