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Former Dodgers 3B Juan Uribe Hosts Block Parties From Car

Yup. You read that headline correctly. Former Dodger Juan Uribe has been hosting block parties out of his trunk, because of course Juan Uribe is hosting block parties out of his car.

Uribe, who by time he was traded to the Atlanta Braves this past season had become something of a fan favorite, has always seemed the outgoing type. When you hear this story, though, (which is mostly about an exotic car salesman), you can’t help but be surprised at just how open he is with fans.

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Just let Tim Rohan sell you on the story.

By “D.R.”, Rohan obviously means Uribe’s native Dominican Republic, so if you’re hoping to catch one of these parties, you’re going to have to so some traveling, but doesn’t this seem worth it?

Uribe remains a free agent and, personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in Dodgers Blue, mostly for this story alone. Okay, in all seriousness, I also believe he would be a decent third baseman defensively to spell Justin Turner on occasion, though it would be tough for him to make the Opening Day roster, given how crowded it currently is.

For now, though, just picture Uribe rolling around in his custom Jeep, bringing the the party with him, where he winds up.

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