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Former Dodgers Fan Favorite Could Be Traded at Deadline, Ex-LA Infielder Signs in NL, Mookie Betts Update

The Los Angeles Dodgers were off on Monday, but that didn’t mean it was a quiet day of news and rumors. Here’s everything you need to know:

Blue Jays Could Trade 2 Former Dodgers, Including Fan Favorite

The Toronto Blue Jays are reportedly looking to trade several players, including two former Dodgers. Their shortstop — a Dodgers trade target — is unlikely to be moved, though. Full details can be found here.

Former Dodgers Utility Man Signs Again with the Pirates

Former Dodgers utility man Jake Lamb has returned to the Pittsburgh Pirates on a minor league deal. After a brief stint as a free agent, Lamb, who had previously played for the Dodgers and several other teams, re-signs with the Pirates where he continues to seek major league action this season. Read more here.

Dodgers GM Confirms Trust in Mookie Betts at Shortstop

Mookie Betts is expected to continue as the Dodgers’ shortstop upon his return from injury, dispelling rumors of a possible shift to second base. Despite trade speculations around the deadline, Dodgers’ management has expressed full confidence in Betts’ capabilities at shortstop. For more details, visit the full article here.

Daniel Hudson’s Clutch Performance Celebrated by Teammate

Dodgers’ reliever Daniel Hudson received high praise from teammate Evan Phillips after a crucial performance against the Giants. Read more here.

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  1. True baseball people know that the strength of a baseball team depends on the ability of middle position players to perform at a high level. Unfortunately, It doesn’t exist with the PRESENT ‘up the middle’ group of Dodgers. Will Smith is an OK catcher who doesn’t move his feet to get in front of errant pitches to catch and/or block them. Often, he catches pitches backhanded instead of moving his body, and getting in front of the pitch, and catching the ball with an open glove. He’s NOT a very good pitch-caller; his arm has improved, but is still not great. WHY LA gave him a 10 year-140 million dollar contract is puzzling to us. His best asset is hitting, but he should be a 6-7 hitter in the lineup. Teoscar Hernandez has some pop, plays the outfield well enough, but should be in the 5-6 hole in the lineup, since he’s only a 240 hitter. Signing Juan Soto will put present top of the lineup hitters down to the lower half of the lineup where they belong. Andy Pages is NOT a centerfielder, and has misjudged numerous balls into hits when they should’ve been caught. As we have said, Mookie is NOT a shortstop, and will never be a great shortstop. He should be a second baseman period! Lux is trade bait-pure and simple.
    As you can see, the Dodgers have holes to fill. They’re not great up the middle, which does not bode well (World Series) championship-wise. Let’s see what they do at the trade deadline. Along with signing SOTO in the off-season, and as we’ve said in earlier posts, LA should do whatever is necessary to get Garrett Crochet from the White Sox!!

    1. Yes indeed and thank you for saying what many of us know to be true about Will Smith and Mookie Betts. Another problem the lineup has is trying to umpire and bat. They need to change that mindset at the plate.

  2. The Dodgers should get Kenley Janson and also Cody Bellinger as well. They would help the team to win the World Series for sure. The Dodgets should get 1 or 2 pitchers to help them out.

  3. We want James Outman back. He was a great outfielder and was getting better at batting. He’s far better than some of them you kept, ie Kiki, and others.

    1. I totally agree with you. Outman’s defense, & his speed to first base. He, & # 17 force errant throws to first base. Dave should get all his players to run as fast as they can to first. Plus stealing more bases. Speed has no slump.

      1. I’ve noticed too many times Ohtani not hustling to 1st base. Several times he could have had a triple and ended up on 2nd due to not hustling out of the box.

  4. One thing I care about I want to see Miguel Rojas, Kike, Hernandez, and Tioscar Hernandez stay with us next year and beyond. They hold the team together. Let’s pray that we get through this with these guys They are great

  5. On the 4th of July, the Dodgers bottom of the line-up fizzled. The bottom of the order had four guys hitting below zero (yeah, sarcasm). This problem has been there all season. I know there have been injuries, but CT3 getting on base for a couple of games does not translate into a Hall of Famer (yeah, more sarcasm). Kike is Kike — ???? Has anyone noticed that Jason Hayward is hitting about .200? Shouldn’t these problems have been addressed by now? Wins and losses count as much now as they do in September. Even when, and if, the Dodgers get the players back from the injured list, they need a bench that can contribute. Biggio? One thing for certain, San Diego will get players to help them in the stretch run. The good thing is that San Diego is still San Diego. For a first place team, the Dodgers seem to have numerous problems that should have already been addressed.

  6. No matter the Dodgers record up to this point, they’re not a play-off team, let alone a world series contender! They don’t come through in the clutch near enough, which is what play-off teams do. Talk about Otani, Betts, etc., but without Freeman or Hernandez, they would have no clutch ability. Again, this is not a play-off caliber team constructed as it is today. Not to mention their pitching staff injuries. I just don’t see it. I see visions of a first or, at best, a second round exit.

  7. Dodgers will not be able to win in playoffs until the Country Club atmosphere is over. JH is there strictly because he is Freeman’s buddy. Tayler hasn’t hit for 3 years, Barnes has never hit, Kiki was dumped a couple years ago and now they want him, Biggio was DFA by Toronto and Roberts makes him regular 3B. Last year it was Kolton Wong and Busch never got a real chance. This year it is Biggio playing instead of Vargas. Six of 13 position players barely above .200 (ok, Taylor is below). There was ZERO competition in spring training, the roster was set in stone. There are players at OKC who would be improvements but will never get the chance.

  8. I totally agree with you. Outman’s defense, & his speed to first base. He, & # 17 force errant throws to first base. Dave should get all his players to run as fast as they can to first. Plus stealing more bases. Speed has no slump.

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