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Dodgers GM Says LA Trusts Mookie Betts at Shortstop When He Returns From Injury

With the calendar turning to July, it’s now the month of the MLB trade deadline, which will give the Los Angeles Dodgers the opportunity to acquire players that could help solidify their roster heading into the end of the season and the postseason.

One of the most talked about positions for the Dodgers to trade for is shortstop. With the struggles to Gavin Lux before the season and Mookie Betts stepping in to play the position before the season, the Dodgers don’t have a true everyday shortstop. The injury to Betts only expedited these concerns and talk surrounding the importance of the Dodgers bringing in another shortstop.

Despite the discourse, the Dodgers don’t feel the same way, and trust Betts at the position.

“We trust in Mook. He’s going to stay ready to play shortstop when he comes back,” Dodgers general manager Gomes said to Bill Plunkett of the O.C. Register. “I think it’s wait and see how it plays out. But we have full trust in Mookie being our shortstop. He’s just never a guy I would bet against.”

The Dodgers might also choose to keep Miguel Rojas in at shortstop for the long run, and move Betts back to second base. Rojas was initially slated to not play everyday, but has stepped up his playing time in the wake of the Betts’ injury.

“I don’t think anyone can debate the level of shortstop play from Miguel Rojas,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “So I think some of that is contingent on Mookie’s timeline … time of return, when he comes back, where Miggy is at physically and how things are going. But to your question – would I consider it? Absolutely.”

If the Dodgers don’t prioritize a trade for shortstop, they still have several other needs they can pursue like bullpen depth and outfield help.

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  1. Hard to believe this group thought Lux was good enough to be the every day shortstop ! This current roster is very good but it is not a World Series Championship group. They need to make some major moves to get in the running. Not Biggio moves Ohtani type moves! Lets go Dodgers

  2. What does true SS mean? Who would you prefer defensively at the position; Mookie or Cory Seager? With Miggy as backup, the team would be served by turning their attention elsewhere.

  3. I would like to see this scenario when Mookie returns.

    By position:
    C Smith
    1B Freeman
    2B Betts
    SS Rojas
    3B Muncy
    LF Taylor
    CF Pages
    RF Heyward

    Mookie is a much better 2 bagger than SS. Taylor looks like he’s coming around and, hopefully Max is chomping at the bit to get back to business at the hot corner. This will free up some funds for much needed help to a battered pitching staff. These dudes are a team and you win and lose as such. I’m not sure bringing anyone else in is going to clear what went down last October for this team.

  4. NO NO NO ! Miggy Ro at SS is way better defensively, and his batting has been great and clutch. Mookie is better defensively at 2B and his hitting will be better also if he doesn’t have to deal with playing SS…

  5. This is pathetic. “the Dodgers don’t have a true everyday shortstop” ???? Miggy has to be somewhat insulted by this. Almost anyone you talk to would have Miggy at short and Mookie at 2nd. He was dismissed as a 2nd teamer last year when he wasn’t hitting. But over an 11 year career he has a .259 average. After his rookie season he has 2 years at .236 and 1 at .247, and the rest were all above .250 with one at .304 and 3 over .280 . He can hit, and he is one of the best defensive shortstops in the game. If he needs some days off to rest his legs, fine, we have plenty of subs, including Betts. The Dodgers are just absolutely crazy and stupid about this.

  6. They need to keep Rojas as SS and move Mookie back to 2B. Then trade Lux for someone useful. Lux is pathetic.

  7. Michael Hurst for President of Baseball Operations and OhioDodger for GM. They are correct. Rojas at SS, Betts at 2B.

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