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Former Dodgers Front Office Members May be Heading Toward Reunion with Giants

Baseball fans outside of Los Angeles like to claim how much they dislike the Dodgers, but here is the truth. “They hate us, because they ain’t us — so they try to be us.” The Giants continue to try and pick apart the Dodgers organization for their vital organs. Last off-season, it was Farhan Zaidi who left. This off-season, it can literally be anyone.

As mentioned last month, the San Francisco Giants held interest in Dodgers bench coach and former MLB manager Bob Geren and now they appear to have interest in another former Dodgers organization member: Gabe Kapler. According to Craig Mish, the San Francisco Giants have asked Gabe Kapler back for a second interview.

Kapler was the farm director with the Dodgers for three seasons before he took the managerial job with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Kapler was recently fired by the Phillies after a disappointing season with Bryce Harper and JT Realmuto in tow. Philadelphia decided to go in a different direction with former Yankees manager Joe Girardi now taking the reins.

The Giants have been looking to take from the Dodgers organization more often recently, and rightfully so. Not only are the employees of the Dodgers some of the more qualified men and women around the sport, almost all of them have had personal contact with Farhan Zaidi.

That team from the bay is trying to get back into contention. While they are still a long way off from it, Zaidi at the helm of San Francisco only means success is in store for the club — maybe with Kapler in the dugout.

The situation up north will continue to be monitored.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. I hope Zaidi burns the Dodgers to the ground for what they do to fans. They aren’t in business for the fans only their wallets. I would get pleasure from seeing the Giants come all the way back and win pennants and World Series before the disgusting dodgers win one title

      1. Are you that blind to the ownerships con? If you are maybe mike can explain it to you, I don’t feel like posting an essay

  2. You’re a typical Giants fan you moron. The Giants are only in California because Walter O’Malley let them tag along when he came West. Come all the way back? You need to have talent to do that!!

    1. Bet you they win before the Dodgers lol enjoy your 35 year drought when the Giants start winning and counting btw. You got 20 more years after that

  3. The age of the writer of this article explains the total lack of perspective and history. Probably had no clue as to the signings of Jason Schmidt or Brian Wilson, or the hiring of Ned Coletti. Along history between the two clubs since moving west in ’58.

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