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Former Dodgers Organist Performs Take Me Out to the Ballgame and it’s Magical

The great Nancy Bea Hefley gave Dodgers fans a real treat on Friday as she took to her social media to bring us a rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on her home organ that brought back a flood of memories.

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Nancy Bea was, of course, the Dodger Stadium organist from 1988-2015. For 27 years she filled Chavez Ravine with her iconic sound, becoming a staple in the lives of many. When she retired, thankfully she left Dodger faithful in great hands with Los Angeles staple Dieter Ruehle.

Ruehle — a friend of Dodgers Nation — has also taken to social media to help fill our ears and our hearts with the sounds of Dodger Stadium with his keyboard.

Let’s go Dodgers indeed!

While the Dodgers and fans all wait for what comes next with the 2020 MLB season, any feeling of the ballpark is more than welcome in our day-to-day. In fact, that feeling is almost a bonafide requirement to make it through the day!

Thank you to Nancy Bea and Dieter for sharing their gift with us!

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  1. No Offense Dieter, but you will never replace Helen Dell or Nancy Bea Hefley. They played the organ in the old Ball park style and sound that most people really miss. Yes, your iterations of Phantom of the Opera or other modern turnes gets the job done but not like those gals did it. Which is OK becaus you are not them, You are you! Good luck.

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