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Dodgers: Max Muncy Lives Quarantine Life Just Like We Do

It’s been a tough time for Dodgers fans with what was supposed to be Opening Day coming and going yesterday. But any time we get to hear from one of our guys, it makes the pain of no baseball just a little bit better. Max Muncy joined the Petros and Money Show on AM 570 to talk about his quarantine and what it was like not having baseball yesterday.

As it turns out, the Dodgers’ first baseman passes the time like many of us do. You would think Muncy would be hitting in the cage for hours at a time, or hitting the weights as often as possible. But with the gyms and mostly everything else shut down, it’s been difficult to get any work in at the moment. So how has Max Muncy passed the time?

It’s kind of just wake up whenever I wake up. Turn on the TV and about twelve hours later it’s turn the TV off and go to sleep.

There you have it folks, Max Muncy watches Netflix just about as much as we do. Muncy went on to clarify that he was mostly joking and that he’s doing whatever he can to make sure that he stays in shape. The Dodgers sent players home with plans to have them back sooner rather than later, so he’s got to be ready.

In all seriousness it’s wake up and try to figure out something to do for the day in terms of getting some sort of home workout in since every gym in the country is closed…that’s what’s so challenging about what’s going on right now. At some point, we are going to have a season and with everything being closed down it’s hard to keep yourself ready for that season. 

The COVID-19 shutdown has left players in a very unfortunate position. Primarily, players have no idea when their season is starting and don’t know when they will have time to get ready. On top of that, gyms and workout facilities are essentially shut down. Players who did not previously have home gyms set up are in a position where they do not have the equipment to stay in shape, especially lower-level guys. 

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  1. Mad Max,

    I am looking forward to seeing you tear up MLB pitching again. My God! What a lucky stroke that the Dodgers found you just as you found your mojo. So, my Muncy autographed Majestic jersey with “Go get it out of the Ocean” just arrived three days ago from I LOVE how you did not back down from the Bum. I noticed he didn’t want any part of you! Haha! As a Dodgers fan since 1974, I have to tell you that moment was one of my top ten favorite in Dodgers lore. Its why I added your autographed jersey to my Dodgers Man Cave! Good luck this year, I believe in you and the Dodgers. I want a championship for YOU guys, not myself. You guys are so good, you deserve it. Bring it home to LA! Not for us… for yourselves….I will just smile!

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