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Former Dodgers Outfielder Andrew Toles Has Resurfaced in an Unfortunate Way

Dodgers fans have long wondered what happened to Andrew Toles after his magical story coming up to the big leagues. Well, we finally have an update on his whereabouts, per the Miami Herald. 

Toles was arrested this week for sleeping behind the Key West airport in Florida. The former Dodgers’ outfielder was booked on a misdemeanor trespassing charge and is being held on a $500 bond. Police gave Toles the chance to leave, but he failed to comply. He has a court date set for July 2nd.

For Dodgers’ fans, this is the first real update on Andrew Toles since 2018. He spent the entire season last year on the restricted list away from the team without any explanation. Toles last played for the Dodgers in 2018, when he was a rising star within the organization but returning from a major knee injury suffered in 2017. 

It’s unclear how Toles got here, but we will keep updating this story as details come out. Please keep him in your thoughts, Toles will always be loved in Los Angeles. 

When Toles stepped away from the Dodgers, there was little information released by the team. It was said that he was dealing with personal issues, and was known to have struggled with anxiety. Our only hope is that the team can reach out and give him any assistance he might need at this time. 

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe there hasn’t been any comments on Toles. I liked this kid and I’m sure many others did too. I thought someone wrote that he had some kind of family issues and that’s why he didn’t play again with the Dodgers. I hope someone can help him especially the Dodgers. Check into it, find out what’s going on with him, then help or send him where he can get help. I hope he’s not a lost cause. Prayers to him and family.

    1. I’ve been wondering what happened to that kid he was a great ball player hopefully he’s not lost hopefully they can do something with him help him get them back to the game I hope you guys bring back some more info on him thank you

  2. Let’s all pray for Andrew toles and all of us.
    There but for the praise of GOD Almighty go I or any of us.
    Dodger blue and heavy hearted.

  3. Very sad. Maybe he can sell his life story and get back on his feet. Sounds like it would be an interesting one. Best wishes to him.

  4. Wow this break my heart I am a personal friend of Drew and his family he played ball with my Son back in Georgia praying that he get the help he need. Love this kid like he’s my own

    1. I was rooting hard for him. I wanted him to succeed as a player because he was clearly talented. But even more so I wanted him to be okay just as a human being. I pray he finds the help that he needs. I was sad to see this today.

  5. My prayers are with Mr. Toles. He played well and we wondered what happened with him. I thought he was not playing because the Dodgers are stacked in the outfield. Hope he gets the help he needs and works back to being a productive person and player for the Dodgers or a team that needs him. He has talent and needs to have confidence in himself.

  6. Thoughts and prayers to Andrew Toles. Really liked what he brought to the Dodger lineup. His hustle and speed stood out in a lineup that lacked a spark that’s created by base running.
    Pray that the team gets him the help he needs and that he can overcome his demons.

  7. I have been wondering what happen to the kid. Thanks for the update. This is sad news but fixable. I sure the Dodgers take an interest in him and give him all the help he needs. Please Dodgers be the team we have all grown to love and step up to the plate to save this kid. I will be looking forward to further updates on this.

    Yours truly Dodger fan since 1972

  8. So sorry to hear about Andrew heartbreaking!! He is such a great ballplayer and a great team mate too..Is there anything that our Dodger Organization can do to help him..So sad for him and what Andrew must be going through! Andrew needs prayer..and there is so much power in prayer. Andrew we support you 100% and hope to see you again in a Dodger uniform real soon!!

  9. It’s a drug problem. You could tell by the way he spoke that his brain was shot from abuse

      1. Those are two separate things genius. Maybe you need a refresher on how he spoke in the past. Mental Illness doesn’t mean you necessarily speak like you’ve killed your brain with drug abuse

  10. Hey Harry thanks for bringing your hate of the cops into this unfortunate story. How much of all the stories do you really know by reading or listening to the news that is dividing our great country. Hope Toledo finds himself. Obviously he needs help and you might too!

  11. Pray for the young man. It’s a tough battle. From the little bit of his talent we saw, he has more in reserve. Heartbreaking but hope must triumph. God’s blessings for Andrew

  12. Not trying to be funny but if the Dodgers really think “black lives matter”, then Toles’ life does too.

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