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Dodgers: Players Express Concern But None Have Opted Out

In a conference call with media on Thursday, Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman revealed a lot about the Dodgers’ plans in 2020. Other than confirming that some people in the organization tested positive for COVID-19, the pair also discussed player concerns.

As of now, Friedman and Roberts both confirmed that there are not any Dodgers that have expressed a desire to opt-out of playing. They did, however, confirm that there were understandable concerns with playing this year. 

Any concerns about the 2020 season are certainly valid, given the uncertainty behind som many aspects of the game. Dodgers players have expressed that concern to manager Dave Roberts, and he made it a point to say that he would not fault anyone for choosing to not play. 

For me, if any player chooses to opt-out because they feel they’re at risk and potentially could put their family at risk, I support them 100 percent. But no one has given me any indication. 

Luckily, that does not appear to be an issue at this point. Roberts and Friedman made it clear that there have not been any Dodgers players to come forward and express the intention to not play.

Joe Kelly did say on a podcast earlier this week that he considered not playing, but ultimately decided to. The only other person on the team that might possibly consider sitting out would be AJ Pollock, who just had a daughter born prematurely. Dodgers fans would certainly understand any desire to keep her as safe as possible, but it sounds like AJ will play. 

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