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Former Dodgers Star Matt Kemp Congratulates Bellinger on Award

Obviously, Matt Kemp’s ties to the Los Angeles Dodgers will always run deep. While it remains to be seen if Kemp will play once again in the big leagues, his last triumphant run stands in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform. Undeniably, Kemp was electric in 2018; especially in the first half of the season.

Now, his former teammate Cody Bellinger is taking home off-season hardware. On Thursday, Bellinger was named a Silver Slugger award winner. Notably, it’s been a week of awards for Bellinger, who took home his first Rawlings Gold Glove to begin the week.

Therefore, Kemp had some kind words for Bellinger on his Instagram story following the Silver Slugger announcement.

Thanks to nerdyDodger on Twitter, Kemp’s “My brotha! Congrats!” is captured forever here for you all. Indeed, Kemp sounds genuinely happy to see one of his old teammates being recognized. Furthermore, it’s a sign that guys who play in the big leagues for a long time still take pride in an award like the Silver Slugger. For Kemp to notice, it’s obviously still a big deal.

While we have mentioned sounding like a broken record in regards to Bellinger winning all these awards, the biggest is yet to come. Next week Bellinger is one of three finalists for the MVP award. Whether you believe Bellinger wins the vote in a landslide, or you’re concerned with Christian Yelich or Anthony Rendon stealing the award; everyone will be on pins and needles until that night.

In case you missed it, at least one MLB expert still expects Bellinger to win the award. However, we must wait a little longer to see if Bellinger’s trophy case gets filled up with the biggest individual award in the sport.

Finally, it will be interesting to see if Kemp or other former Dodgers get behind Bellinger if he is successful taking it home.

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  1. Kemp remembers………He was robbed of the MVP by a Brewer……………Lyin’ Ryan!!!!! Bellinger will probably get jobbed by the old east Coast bias as well……no disrespect intended toward Rendon and Yelich on my part….but he (Bellinger) is clearly the best all around player of the three.

  2. You have to be the mvp for the whole season and Bellinger wasn’t in the second half. His average did nothing but go down for 3 months he stopped using all fields, strikeouts went up, at bat quality went down, and he wasn’t clutch. Rendon and Yelich were the more steady performers but I think because Yelich didn’t finish the year it has to go to Rendon but hey they’ve made the wrong choice before so maybe Bellinger gets it. I’m not rooting against him i just don’t think he’s more worthy over the others

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