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Dodgers News: MLB Insider Jon Heyman on Cody Bellinger’s Chances of Winning MVP

In about a week, we will know whether or not Cody Bellinger is your 2019 National League Most Valuable Player. Still – until then – we wait on pins and needles.

Obviously, it’s hard for me to believe that we are doubting it at this point. Perhaps people forget things like Bellinger being the most statistically-improved player in the sport. Of course, everyone remembers all the bombs and good times. Then there is the recently won Gold Glove, and all the ridiculous video-game type plays he made with the leather.

However, one MLB pundit feels that Bellinger remains in the lead when it comes to the NL’s top player award. That man is none other than Jon Heyman, who speaks about this on his latest ‘Big Time Baseball’ podcast. Let’s take a look at what Heyman says about the upcoming vote.

Co-host Josh Lewin asks Heyman if voters will remember Cody Bellinger in the Most Valuable Player Award race?

“I think Bellinger is going to win, the vote comes right after the season. There is no postseason that comes into account here. If you look at the WAR and you put in the defense and all-around play, Bellinger was fantastic. Now second half he tailed off a bit. Some might look at it like Yelich was the best offensive player. Rendon led the league in RBI’s and we saw that defense, to me it was almost a revelation. He really showed what a good defender he is. I think it will be Bellinger, Yelich will come in second and Rendon will probably come in third. It’s all close, they look at the WAR numbers a lot now and Bellinger was best there. I didn’t have a vote so I can freely say I think it’s Bellinger.”

Without question, Heyman remembers when Bellinger was in the midst of one of the greatest starts to a season ever. Now we just have to wait and see if his MVP vote prediction rings true. It should be an interesting time about a week from right now one way or another. Perhaps the Dodgers will be able to celebrate a new MVP in their franchise history after all.

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    1. The “second half” of the season is 100 ABs less than the first so it’s not really half. In the second half, Bellinger slashed 371/546/917 with 17 bombs and an OPS+ of 136. Not other worldly but very good. On the year:

      Bellinger – 406/629/1035 with 47 HRs and an OPS+ of 170
      Rendon – 412/598/1010 with 34 HRs and an OPS+ of 165
      Yelich – 429/671/1100 with 44 HRs and an OPS+ of 179

      Yelich should win because of his superior offensive numbers but Bellinger makes it close with his defensive numbers. Rendon’s a distant 3rd.

  1. Although most do not include the PS in their evaluations, they should and IMHO based upon Bellinger’s 2nd half AND his PS performance, I am not sure he should get that MVP award.

    1. Then how does Trout get it after missing the end of the season and never making the playoffs?

      1. Might be because he’s the best player in the world!!
        Bellinger was not anywhere near the best player in the league the last 4 month.
        Great 2 month, pretty good 4 month.

        1. My point is playoffs don’t matter in the least for the award or Trout would never win and I think you need to look at the numbers again. Other-worldly 2 months (that no one could sustain) great next 2 and finally good for the last 2. He’s not in Trout’s class but few are in his. BTW Trout was worse than awful in his 1 playoff appearance.

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