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Frank McCourt Needs $200m To Satisfy Ex-Wife, Keep Dodgers… #FAIL

Battle For The Los Angeles Dodgers

It appears that Frank and Jamie McCourt are working hard behind the scenes to work out a deal that would allow Frank to keep the Los Angeles Dodgers and Jamie a large sum of money. The number? 200 million dollars! Luckily for Frank, Fox is willing to come to the rescue and loan him the 200M, however it would be at the price of a TV deal which could be worth 3 Billion dollars over the next 20 years.

A few months back MLB Commissioner Bud Selig rejected a similar proposal by Frank involving FOX. More recently McCourts representatives went to meet with Selig’s representatives on a similar deal, which has yet to be approved or rejected by the commissioner.

As a fan, I personally would like to see the deal rejected and the process of selling the club to begin. However, on the other side of it, the loan settles some major issues around the organization. Ownership would be settled and focus could be back on building a contending team with far less distractions.  Long term, selling the club now, would benefit the Dodgers. However for today and possibly long term, giving Frank this loan could be the right decision.

Dodgers Nation what are you thoughts?!

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