Friedman Believes Dodgers Would Benefit From Trading An Outfielder

Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier

While the Los Angeles Dodgers have been linked to trade rumors, the team has yet to fully immerse themselves in free agency or offseason acquisitions. The Dodgers did overhaul their front office that landed them Josh Byrnes, Andrew Friedman, Farhan Zaidi, and others who are considered good hires for the organization.

On the final day of the general managers meetings in Phoenix, Friedman said he believes the Dodgers would be better off trading one of their outfielders, according to Bill Plunkett of the OC Register:

It was reported on Sunday the Dodgers were shopping Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, with the team open to paying for a portion of a traded outfielder’s remaining salary; how much money the Dodgers would include in a deal was said to be dependent on what they received.

After a slow start to the 2014 season and a benching that coincided with being removed from center field, Kemp struggled to get comfortable in left field but found success in right. When healthy, Crawford was the odds-on favorite as the regular starter in left.

With Puig entrenched as an everyday starter in right field before taking over the duties in center, it left Ethier on the outside looking in. Ethier was open with not being pleased over the role as a bench player, but also said he was putting his personal feelings aside for the betterment of the team.

Ethier called the 2014 season his most humbling one and there appears to be a real possibility it may have been his last with the Dodgers. However, Kemp has also garnered trade interest and of the three outfielders on the block, he likely would net the Dodgers the best return.

Friedman’s remarks on Wednesday differ from the position he took during his introductory press conference in mid-October. At the time, Friedman said he didn’t view the crowded outfield as a “problem” and if that was how it was being classified, that it was a good problem to have.

After resisting to part ways with an outfielder after the 2013 season and prior to last season’s trading deadline, this winter may at last bring a necessary change of course.

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  1. Crawford, Ethier and Kemp ? Why not Crawford, Ethier and Puig ? If Puig can’t stop being a distraction, trade him ! Ethier didn’t play much last year and I can’t see him playing that much this year.

    1. Puig has a huge upside…and he is not as big a problem as he is made out to be..He is also just 23. Ethier has been gong down hill the last couple of years and his power numbers are awful for a gut making 16 Million

      1. Hi Michael ! On Puig, I guess the distraction is due to immaturity ! He’ll improve on that, I hope. I just wonder how long management will put up with that behavior, if it doesn’t get better ? And it makes the opponent want ton beat you all the more. I’m anxious to see what changes the new front will make ! Go Dodgers !

  2. Kemp would bring the most bang for the buck; however, he is far more consistent in the hitting department than is Ethier. The latter has certain zones where he hits best. If the ball is not in that zone, he tends not to hit it. But with Kemp he is more flexible with the batting zone and, as a result, more productive than Ethier. If they trade anyone, they should trade Ethier. I know he is a hometown favorite, but business is business as that strike several years ago proved to all of us fans.

  3. So yesterday their solution is to trade one of the livest arms for a 38 year old reliever with an ERA north of 4??? Give me a break

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