How Do Dodgers Fans Feel About a Potential Trade for Nolan Arenado?

It’s been an interesting year if you’re a Dodgers fan. We went from the thought of no baseball to winning our first World Series since 1988. From thoughts of Mookie Betts never playing a regular-season game in Dodger blue to locking him up for the next 12 years.

Overall, you can say that life has been pretty good for Dodger nation. There haven’t been many things for fans to disagree on lately, but that all changed with the latest hot stove rumors.

With more and more respected baseball personnel reporting the connection between Nolan Arenado and LA, the rumors seem to have some truth to them. In fact, some around the sport even believe that Arenado will be a Dodger as early as Christmas.

Naturally, fans have had different reactions to the possibility of trading for Arenado. While he is a great player, the thought of having to forfeit signing one of our homegrown stars later on would make it a hard pill to swallow. With this in mind, we decided to reach out and ask how fans felt about a potential move for the All-Star third baseman.

It’s clear that fans have multiple opinions, and the results speak for themselves. While about half of the votes were in favor of bringing him in no matter the cost, the other half were either content with the current team or hesitant not to overpay.

At the end of the day, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what happens, but one thing is for sure. These hypothetical questions are a lot more fun to ask when you’re defending a title instead of chasing one.

Daniel Palma

Daniel is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown teams. If he's not watching baseball, you can find him playing or coaching. No matter what, he'll always root for the Boys in Blue!

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  1. why trade away the farm?offer one of our lower tier catchers, DJ the outfielder and that’s it….otherwise…wait a year…mean time…sign turner to 2 years w a third year option…give Rios a shot at third filling in 2-3 times a week and see what we got….then next year sign Nolan when he opts out…Mean time Sign Seager to 6-7 year contract and if he opts to FA….then maybe get a little more aggressive on Nolan….don’t see us having Nolan, Seager, Beli, and Buhler on life time contracts….along w Mookiet
    then again, Dodgers did have an infield before that lasted a long time!!!!

  2. The only reason to trade for Arenado at this point is if you think he won’t opt out. In order for that to happen you would probably have to renegotiate his deal. At any rate you will find yourself paying $50M+ for two players. Then what do you do with Seager, Bellinger, Buehler etc? What about Kershaw? He doesn’t appear to be out of bullets yet. This seems so out of character with how Friedman has put together the Dodgers over the past half decade. Is he an upgrade that will help hold off the Padres? Absolutely. But what is the cost?

  3. Pass on Arenado! Huge gamble with him guaranteed $199M through 2026. Even if Rockies would pick up $10M per year ($60M) it is a bad gamble. Arenado is not going to opt out of that contract because no other team will come close to paying him an equivalent amount. He can stay in Colorado, make his $260M, and his inflated offensive stats and gold gloves will get him into the HOF.

  4. A BIG NO, Nolan is a great player at Coors Field, outside of there is stats take a huge dive, his defense is flawless but if your going to trade for someone at the hot corner he should be able hit with average and power. I’m not in favor of that trade, Turner has one more good year in him and we have others who can fill in for him when not able play I hope we have someone in system who can take over 3rd base soon…

  5. Without a doubt nolan would be a great addition to the dodger team, but at too steep a price. Three or more top prospects and a 30plus million a year in salary is a bit high. The dodgers could spend their money a bit more wisely with the same result and keep future prospects.

  6. get Nolan End of this year we have 70 million dollars. Turner 36 and has been injury off and on last 2 years. Walker and Bells are eligible for free agency in 2 or 3 years. Yes the knock is that he plays at Coors field. But you know he great in the field and will hit at least 30 plus homers every year and a ton of RBI’ s with Mookie hitting in from of him. Also you forget Price will be gone in 2 years and who knows if he even pitch for the Dodgers this year. this year Seager will play on his existing contract end of season time to talk money. With his agent being Scoot Boras might be asking for the moon. But as you know the are 5 great shortstops eligible for free agency. Dodgers be better off to wait to end of the year, People forget the Dodgers will draw 3 million and have huge TV contract So definitely get the best 35d baseman in the game. Turner would be great for DH but that may not happen to 2022. Given up 2 or 3 prospect for him is nothing.

  7. I prefer Not to wait another 30+ years! The Padres are tailgating the Dodgers. The Braves had the Dodgers by the neck, 3-1 in the NLCS. Houdini would be impressed by the escape. I Know the price will be steep. Dodgers Don’t be complacent!

  8. Rumors are C Kiebert Ruiz, P Mitchell White, 3B Edwin Rios, and an OF, possibly Luke Raley…

    1. IF it is just Ruiz, White, Rios and Raley, that package seems a little light. I mean the Rockies didnt ask for Lux, May, Gonsolin or Gray. I think Rios will take-off hitting in Denver(altitude). I think the Dodgers can afford to lose Ruiz(catcher). They still have Cartaya in the minors.

  9. I don’t think it’s gonna happen. These experts make these claims every year and aside from Mookie who was the perfect fit, they’ve been wrong everytime. It’s all about creating rumors and possibilities so articles can get pumped out and so fans can have a good time discussing while there’s no baseball

  10. The remaining money on his contract aside, Arenado would be a perfect fit in LA right now!

  11. First- Sign Justin Turn and play him at 2nd base! Trade Lux and a mid rated (28-50) pitcher for Arenado and now you would have the best infield in baseball to with the best outfield in baseball.

  12. Would like him on the team as long as can do Belenger, Seager, and Walker signings as well. If can’t sign them with Areonado’s contract then don’t trade for him.

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