How The Ian Kinsler-Prince Fielder Trade Impacts The Dodgers Plans

Anytime there’s a blockbuster trade in baseball there’s a ripple effect felt by other teams. In this case, the Rangers and Tigers trade of Ian Kinsler for Prince Fielder could impact what the Dodgers plan to do this off-season.

First there’s Kinsler, who the Dodgers were reportedly approached about but because of his remaining salary, didn’t even entertain the offer. There were talks about a Kinsler for Andre Ethier swap, but with GM Ned Colletti saying Alexander Guerrero is the second baseman, there wasn’t a fit.

The trade essentially eliminates the Rangers as a trade partner for the Dodgers as Jurickson Profar will take over for Kinsler at second base with Elvis Andrus remaining at shortstop, who was reportedly discussed in a deal for Matt Kemp. However, the Rangers could move one of the two and make a run at Robinson Cano, but those deals don’t look like they’ll include the Dodgers.

It sounds like the Dodgers do want to move one of their four outfielders, so a team like the Mets or Mariners will need to step forward with the Rangers seemingly going the free agent route to obtain another hitter.

If the Rangers decide not to trade a middle infielder then they could be out of the David Price negotiations as well. Profar would have to be apart of that package and with the posting system in Japan in limbo, the Dodgers and Rangers were considered the favorites to land the 28-year-old pitcher. New Rangers Controlling Owner Ray Davis might look to assemble a super team, but if the Rays make Price available, the Dodgers could be the favorites.

Meanwhile, the Tigers freed up over $70 million with the trade and could have a hole a third base. Prospect Nick Castellanos is a third baseman, but with Miguel Cabrera playing there last season, they had him try things out in the outfield. If the Tigers feel like he isn’t ready to play third base, Juan Uribe could be an intriguing fit for them.

The 34-year-old third baseman is reportedly seeking three-year deal and according to one report, might receive a lucrative offer from the Miami Marlins. If the Tigers decide to wait on Castellanos and peruse the third base market, Uribe could be a target, which complicates matters for the Dodgers even more.

And then there’s Brian Wilson. The Tigers need a closer and Wilson wants to be one on a contending team. “The Beard”  reportedly would welcome a return to the Dodgers as the set-up man if he’s paid like a closer. Joe Nathan could also be a possibility for the Tigers, but word is they’re more inclined to shell out the money for Wilson.

Last night’s trade came out of nowhere as it’s clear the Tigers and Rangers are still looking to add pieces, which could complicate things for the Dodgers in several areas.


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Ross Gasmer

Ross Gasmer is a Social Media Producer for @TheHerd and was a contributing writer and editor for Dodger Nation. Follow him on Twitter @Ross_Gasmer12

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