James Outman Reveals His Pet Rock Has a Name, Dodgers Outfielder Talks Superstition

Last month, chatted with Dodgers outfield prospect James Outman. Among the points of conversation, our Doug McKain asked the LA rookie if he had any superstitions as many baseball players do. In a very Major League-esque reveal, Outman shared that he had a pet rock… and he fed it coffee.

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While we were out at spring training last week, Doug caught up with Outman to meet this Dodger clubhouse version of Jobu.

Link to Full Interview on DN YouTube

The big reveal was that this rock has a name. Yup, doesn’t get much more baseball than that. The rock’s name? “Rocka.” At least that’s how we hear it. Whether the spelling is Rocka or Rocca or the name is actually Rocko, we can’t be 100% certain because it doesn’t have a birth certificate.

We also got the full details on how James takes care of Rocka’s caffeine habit.

“You can see from the stains,” he said while showing off the rock, “It’s usually a little drizzle I’ll pour a little coffee in there every once in a while if he’s getting tired.”

Rocka has done well in keeping James Outman hot at the plate. So far this spring, the opening-day-roster-hopeful is batting .462 with a triple and a home run in 7 games. Beyond the silliness of a rock in a locker, the 25-year-old understands the task at hand this spring.

Let your game speak for itself.

“Just plug away and do my thing and let the rest take care of itself.”

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