Kenley Jansen Updates: The Dodgers, Yankees and Marlins are Making Moves

Kenley Jansen is arguably the best closer out on the market today if you take into consideration Aroldis Chapman’s “fuzzy” domestic issues. Coming off a seasons where he became the Dodgers’ all-time saves leader and a heroic performance in the playoffs, it’s easy to see why the tension is high amongst Dodger fans whether or not Jansen is coming back.

So far, the winter meetings being held in Baltimore this year have produced a lot of trades and signings, but the headliners are definitely the 3 year contract signed by Rich Hill to the Dodgers and the 4 year deal signed by Mark Melancon to the Giants. The Melancon deal is the most intriguing here because it sets the price for the market on closers this off-season.

With Melancon receiving a 4 year / $62M deal from the Giants, everyone is assuming that Jansen and Chapman are going to receive deals well north of that. Chapman has been rumored to want a six year deal and if he gets a higher annual salary than Melancon, then we’re looking at a $100M+ deal for a closer that would pitch 65-70 innings a season. That six year deal is most likely a pipe dream, but the chances are very good that Jansen and Chapman will receive five year deals starting at around $85M.

The Yankees have already offered both Jansen and Chapman, but the details of the offer have not been shared with anyone yet.

“Offers have been put out there,” Cashman said. “(Chapman agent) Barry Praver and (Jansen agent) Adam Katz are the people you’d have to ask about whether it’s progress or not. We’re still having the dialogue, but whether it leads us to a positive resolution from our perspective or not remains to be seen. They’re still active with a whole bunch of people.” – NY Daily News

Next up, we have the Marlins and an old friend of Dodger Fans, Don Mattingly. According to Joe Frisaro of MLB.com, Mattingly has reached out to Jansen to just gauge interest, but according to Mark Saxon of ESPN.com, the chances are low that the Marlins will be in serious consideration.

“With Kenley, obviously there is a whole different level [financially] that’s definitely above what I do,” Mattingly said. “But I’ve had contact with those guys to see if they have any interest, because some guys may say, ‘Hey, I don’t want to play in Miami. I want to stay on the West Coast.'” – Marlins.MLB.com

The Dodgers are definitely in contact with Jansen’s team and have made it clear that Jansen and Justin Turner are their highest priorities now that Rich Hill has been signed. It looks like there are going to be a few more tense days ahead for Dodger fans to see if the Dodgers All-Time leader in saves is going to be returning.


  1. Making moves, actually yet to take place as of this posting.   As far as closer goes, please, please nobody tell me that Baez and or Hatcher could be replacements for a guy like Kenley.

  2. Assuming the Yankees get Chapman, that will leave Jansen being courted by Dodgers, Marlins, and Nats.  The Nats just went BIG on getting Adam Eaton.  They gave up three of their top 4 RHP prospects and 3 out of their overall top 30 prospects.  Adam Eaton is very much cost controlled leaving the Nats the cash resources to outbid for Jansen.  It seems like Friedman could be a great prognosticator with his comment on being rational for FA is coming in 3rd on the bids.  It is certainly possible (if not probable) that the Dodgers come in 3rd for Jansen; behind the Marlins and Nats.

  3. If the Dodgers don’t resign Jansen, I believe this FO is willing to go into the season with a closer by committe approach so yes, Baez, Hatcher, Libratore…which will be painful to watch.
    They may also roll the dice in former closer Greg Holland, which is a typical move the FO loves to make. Trading for one would be another possibly but I don’t see them wanting to give up any top talent, at least not right now.

  4. Arodc03  So far they have done crap…..and nothing to improve the team. The Rockies are going to have a monster offense and the Giants addressed their biggest need……

  5. Michael Norris I agree.  I don’t think the FO has the same urgency as we the fans do.  I think payroll concerns is taking priority over keeping up with the division rivals.

  6. If Friedman does not sign Jansen and Turner, I am done
    with the Dodgers after 60 years of being a fan, from Brooklyn to L.A., from
    Vero Beach to Arizona. Dodger fans young and old, join me in urging management
    to get these deals done.
    Jim Izzo

  7. Before the 2015 this FO signed McCarthy to a big waste of $$ and remains the largest $$ money spent on any FA so far, and a complete bust. Then they dump more $$ on Ballet Bret and Kazmir.  the results are they are confronted with a team payroll well over that threshold and may feel they will have to address team’s needs via trade.  Well, teams KNOW Dodgers would be in a desperate situation and will want Bellinger in any deal.  This is all coming about as a result of those failed signings beginning in 2015.  It’s sad because once again Dodgers struck out in these meetings.  Now to improve this team, unfortunately Bellinger and perhaps some other top prospects will have to be included in a deal.

  8. Michael Norris Arodc03 Michael, that is an understatement and I am not surprised by the incompetency of this FO we like to refer to as Frik and Frak.

  9. The sad part of this whole off season is our biggest priority is signing our own players,which means even if we resign Turner & Jansen we still only have the same team. A team that has Kershaw & who ever else can stay off the disabled list long enough to start the next game. Anybody out there think Kershaw will stay with this sinking ship after 2018

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